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  • Bicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    BDicembre 6, 2016
    From my point of view all European restaurants are the best! I really loved the decoration specially if you'll visit it in the morning. The best main course was the chicken millfuell! It wa/ amazing!
  • Ashjan K.
    Ashjan KhGennaio 29, 2014
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    Read a lot abt it but eating there is another experience !! Loved everything there ice cream dome, red velvet oreo, turkish coffee n rossette salad . You have to come early to get a nice view n place.
  • Mohammed A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Mohammed AlyousefMarzo 17, 2017
    Everything is great. Start from food ,service, atmosphere and music. Really recommend it to anyone visit the area. Deserve 10/10. Keep it up guys.
  • Maha H.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Maha HFebbraio 18, 2014
    Amazing place to chill with friends!1 of the few good cafes with great ambience & service. Loved their unique rosette coffee & their oreo red velvet cake.Next visit is surely due very soon!
  • Nouraicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    NouraLuglio 1, 2018
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    من المطاعم اللذيذه بالخبر الشاورما الدجاج و لحم لذيييذه و عندهم الريزتو بنك صوص لذيذ و سبايسي تيكشن بعد و خدمه ممتاز و مكان رايق 🤩👌🏻
  • Mnayer H.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Mnayer HmGennaio 18, 2017
    One of the best restaurant in alkhobar , food and dessert very tasty and delicious❤️❤️ .. *apple taten* and * ice cream doom *recommended 👌🏻😋
  • Njoud F.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Njoud FahadAgosto 12, 2013
    فيه شي مرة لفت انتباهي بمقاهي الخبر! كلهم مخصصين مكان للصلاة و حاطين سجادات جاهزة و الكل من حريم كبار او بنات يقومون يصلون اذا سكر المحل للصلاة! شي الصراحة ما ينشاف بمقاهي الرياض ولا مطاعمها :)
  • Shahad 🥯icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Shahad 🥯Gennaio 18, 2015
    أحب الشاي المغربي عندهم، انشهروا بقهوة روزيت لكن ما فيها شيء جديد أبدًا. حلوياته ومنيو الأكل كلها بدون استثناء تستحق التجربة، و أهم حاجة سمحوا مؤخرًا بالحجز و هالشيء غطى على سلبية الانتظار 👍.
  • Bayanicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    BayanSettembre 24, 2014
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    Great place to chill with others. Try Ice cream dome, Oreo red velvet & Rosette coffee. Also, they had a special Salmon dish with delicious sauce, yummy Chicken Risotto. Their mini burgers is normal !
  • Deema S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Deema SGennaio 17, 2016
    È stato qui più di 25 volte
    You will never go wrong with anything in their menu! Everything is delicious and cooked/baked to perfection! Their Tiramisu is to die for ❤️
  • Ibra💛💙
    Ibra💛💙Aprile 13, 2016
    خير الكلام ماقل و دل ❤️ من أفضل المطاعم في المنطقة الشرقية 👍🏼👍🏼
  • Moroj A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Moroj AlmirzaNovembre 22, 2014
    The food it like music to my mouth 🎶🎼🎶... It is really awesome I've tried the ice cream dom . Chocolate fondue is amazing... Mini burger is good 😋
  • Najla Alajmiicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Najla AlajmiDicembre 17, 2016
    دبل تشوكلت مع ايسكريم و كنافة بالايسكريم 👍🏼👍🏼 وروزيت كوفي ثقيلة بس لذيذه
  • Roaaicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    RoaaMarzo 14, 2019
    Cozy & Relaxing place to have something warm. Watermelon 🍉 juice was nice but too sugary for me & risotto ball was irresistible. U should give it a try 😉
  • Yasser A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Yasser AlMarzo 14, 2017
    An amazing place I loved everything. The service the presentation the taste and the price. Don't miss going and enjoying ur time there.
  • Arwaicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    ArwaNovembre 6, 2014
    جميل جداً ، المكان هادي و رايق ، جربت تشيز الزعفران لذيذ لكن مافيه نكهة زعفران واضحه نكهته اقرب للفستق بس يبقى انه لذيذ ، و جربت كنافة بالايسكريم لابأس بها بس مشكلتها مليانة ماء ورد ! و المشروب لذيذ
  • Rashaniaicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    RashaniaMaggio 6, 2016
    Fatoush and beef shawarma was good. Also dome ice cream is nice to end the meal with. Very friendly staff attentive and helpful.
  • D
    DSettembre 17, 2014
    Ice-Cream dome is just amazing !! Mini burgers were good ,too. Sadly they don't have variety of fresh juice they only have orange and lemon with mint.
  • ghada a.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    ghada alsowailemGennaio 25, 2015
    One of the great cafes.nice decor & view.I recommend vol va vent chicken,mini burgers,intercote beef. The coffee looks nice but tastes regular.Dessert u have to try ice cream dome & kunafa
  • Ahood O.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Ahood OtbMaggio 24, 2013
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    New nice restaurant in khobar, I recommend u to try Paris salad and mini burgers And don't expect too much from their desserts thay're not that yummy
  • ⚜️icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    ⚜️Agosto 22, 2017
    I recommend chicken risotto but request white sauce,, the quinoa salad but add more olive oil & pomegranate hone.. for dessert go to saffron cake👌🏽😋
  • Habibo M.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Habibo MoGiugno 8, 2014
    It always good to call ahead and reserve a table, especially if you prefer to set on a couch..! Great for dine, sweet, and coffee ! #pic : Rosette coffee !
  • Nooraicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    NooraAprile 13, 2016
    I liked the chicken millefeuille and the entrecote steak .. try The saffron cheesecake it is really yummy 😻❤️
    THAMER.Ottobre 10, 2017
    2 American with milk cake 🎂 were sympathetic in this lovely cafe. I will back again with who I love. I like the ambiance here 😍, thanks 🙏🏻 all stuff working there 👌🏻..
  • Khloud K.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Khloud KhaledFebbraio 4, 2017
    The rosette coffe with double shot espresso and the strawberry cake😍😍😍
  • L M.
    L MSettembre 2, 2017
    The staff are soooo kind and friendly. Location is convenient. The view is amazing. Food are delicious. Great atmosphere and decoration. Simply a pleasant overall experience .
  • Hind🍃icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Hind🍃Aprile 10, 2017
    Dates cake is so yummy here ❤️ and it has a really good view
  • shahad a.
    shahad abuAprile 30, 2017
    Best place for sweet spacilly red velvet cake was yummy ..... and Burger too
  • Monsandroses
    MonsandrosesGiugno 28, 2016
    Helpful staff, great Ramdhan menu, big variety of desserts which is a plus. Today I ordered arugula salad and mushroom soup, both were satisfying and delicious.
  • Nora A.
    Nora AFebbraio 5, 2015
    جدا رايق وخصوصا جهة النوافذ في النهار ، الاكل غالبا يصادف وقت روحتي حزة قهوه .. جيد و شرح 💕 بس يفضل حجز قبل الجيه بساعتين تقريبا لضمان مكان حلو
  • Najla Alajmiicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Najla AlajmiGennaio 31, 2017
    كالعادة الدبل تشوكلت/ الكنافة/ الايسكريم دوم احلى شي.. جربت الداينمت شرمب جيدة لكن قليل الصوص صايره ناشفه.
  • 💅🏼
    💅🏼Aprile 8, 2017
    حلوياتهم مرااا بطلة جربت كيكة التمر بالكراميل مراا يمي و أبل تاتن للي يحبون التفاح وخدمتهم جدا جميلة .. أنصح فيه 💖💖
  • Amal
    AmalAprile 3, 2014
    المكان رايق و أهم شي ممنوع اطفال! الخدمه ممتازة، الموظفين مرره فريندلي و بشوشين! الأكل احلا شي الميني برجر و كاساديا. الأكل أعطيه 7 من 10
  • NJD .icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    NJD 🏇🏻Luglio 20, 2018
    Their food is to die for👌🏼... try my orders you won’t regret it
  • .
    .Agosto 13, 2016
    لذيذ سبايسي جكن وسلطة الجرجير مع القرع المشوي 👍🏾 like it lovely place and view very nice
  • Reem S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Reem SaadFebbraio 13, 2014
    I came to try this dish.. It's really worth it! ايسكريم كنافة .. يستاهل العنوة عشانه
  • Saudi Unicornicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Saudi UnicornDicembre 2, 2017
    The entrecote is to die for , don't forget to try the cornflakes milk cake , one of the best French restaurants in Khobar
  • Lena .icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Lena 🐻Giugno 25, 2016
    The place alone is cute and cozy ,even their plates and cups are cute, anyway the kanafa with icecream is soooo gooodd , i still remember the taste.
  • Reem A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Reem AlbadrLuglio 24, 2017
    الحلويات حلوة اعطيها٨/١٠ طلبت كيكة الحليب الكلاسيك و كانت لذيذة💘 وكيكة الحليب بالزعفران يعني مو بمستوى الكلاسيك و كلاود 9 كان اسطوري 😍 المشروبات سيئة ما كانت بمستوى الحلويات
  • Rawanicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    RawanAgosto 2, 2015
    Tried the vol va vant chicken, spring rolls, and dynamite shrimp. In addition to the apple tatin and the Rosette coffee. LOVED THEM ALL!
  • ghada a.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    ghada alsowailemGennaio 25, 2015
    واحد من الاماكن الجميله. الديكور و المطل حلوو. انصح بالاكل فول فا فينت دجاج، الميني برجر، انتركوت ستيك. قهوتهم شكلها حلو بس طعمها جدا عادي. الحلا لازم تجربون ايس مريم دوم و كنافه.
  • Abdullahicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    AbdullahGennaio 2, 2020
    المكان جميل جدا و واسع واكلهم وخدمتهم راقية جدا
  • Ricona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    RGennaio 27, 2018
    Truffle fries is the best, but you have to order the chicken volovants to get it, I hope they add it to the menu as a side option
  • Khalidicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    KhalidAgosto 4, 2016
    Nice food, and it's good cafe for families.
  • Nessan ..icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Nessan ..Maggio 24, 2017
    My best place with best lovely person ❤️ from best employee 👨🏼‍🍳
  • Mohammed A.
    Mohammed AlradhyLuglio 21, 2017
    من اصعب العصاير ، ليمون نعناع .. يا حامض بزيادة او منعنع زيادة لكن ف روزيت كان موزون وميه ميه اهنيكم ع الوزنية بصراحة مزبووووط
  • Muna A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Muna AlGennaio 18, 2016
    Ice cream dome is so yumy! I love the place. Truly recommend it
  • Amal A.
    Amal AzizDicembre 21, 2013
    روزيت كوفي ، فيها نكهة ماء ورد ، رد فيلفت خيار ممتاز ، كنافه ايسكريم صعبه في الاكل ، الكلوب ساندويتش ممتازه ، بروسكيتا رائعه ، كاساديا دجاج لذيذه ،سبايسي ،
  • Zeid A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Zeid AbussaudGennaio 4, 2015
    Good and central location. Desserts are great, highly recommend the saffron cheesecake or the red velvet . Staff are friendly.
  • Black R.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Black RoseNovembre 4, 2016
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    Go for the chicken shawerma and steak with mushroom sauce 😍👍
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