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  • 9.4

    Shinshu Osake Mura

    Bar da sake 新橋2-20-15 港区, 東京都

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    • Nun A.
      Nun Addict: "Sake and prices are great. The owner was super friendly and was able to give descriptions and recommendations for sakes to try. Try the smoked horse sashimi with your drink!"
  • 9.5

    Taiyaki Wakaba

    Locale di wagashi 若葉1-10 Tokyo, 東京都

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    • Natchada C.
      Natchada C.: "ขนมไทยากิ ไส้ถั่วแดง ย่างบนเตาถ่าน แป้งกรอบ หอมกลิ่นเตาถ่าน ถั่วแดงกวนหอมกลิ่นน้ำตาลอ้อย แต่รสหวานไปหน่อย ควรกินขนมกับน้ำชาขมๆ นั่งกินที่ร้านได้เลย"
  • 9.6

    Shinjuku Gyoen

    Giardino 内藤町11 Tokyo, 東京都

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    • Luca S.
      Luca Stadio: "...è un bellissimo giardino anche in inverno,la cura del parco conserva fascino e passeggiare diventa emozionante"
  • 9.5


    Ristorante di donburi 日本橋3-1-15 Tokyo, 東京都

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    • NOIR .
      NOIR 🐝: "海鮮丼だけでは他のお店も似たようなものがあるかもしれませんが、ぜいたく丼を食べ終わった後の丼に入れていただく、鯛だしも絶品なのです。お腹に余裕があれば、ごはんも一緒に入れていただけます。最初に出てきた鯛のお刺身は、ぜいたく丼と一緒に食べても、この鯛だしの雑炊に入れても。食べ終わった後の満足度はかなり高いです!"
  • 9.5

    21_21 DESIGN SIGHT

    Galleria d'arte 赤坂9-7-6 Tokyo, 東京都

    La gente dice anche (50consigli):

    • Artyom F.
      Artyom Fedosov: "Like their thought-provoking exhibitions. Usually in Europe contemporary art is about art itseft, but here it's food for you brain. Wonderful."
  • 9.5

    Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge

    Ostello 蔵前2-14-13 台東区, 東京都

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    • Rodrigo V.
      Rodrigo Vaz: "Amazing Hostel. Probaly the best i've ever stayed. Nice staff,very,very clean,good beds wih a curtain to give you some privacy and really fast wifi. And the bar always has nice people and music."

La gente parla di questi luoghi a Tokyo:

  • 9.4

    Shiva Curry Wara

    Ristorante indiano 太子堂4-28-6 世田谷区, 東京都

    La gente dice anche (25consigli):

    • Andrew L.
      Andrew Layman: "Really great curry. Butter chicken and lamb curry was the best I've had. Freshly made cheese naan was great. Small seating area, but great survice. No English menu."
    • Casey M.
      Casey McDermott: "Amazingly fresh and delicious curry in a tiny Sangenjaya space. No English menu, but the server spoke good English and was super helpful."
  • 9.5

    Meiji Jingu Shrine

    Santuario 代々木神園町1-1 Tokyo, 東京都

    La gente dice anche (206consigli):

    • Paolø B.
      Paolø Brøndolo: "Una sciocchezzuola di tempio in confronto a quelli che potete trovare a Kyoto, però vale la pena anche solo per andare a visitare il giardino (500 yen)"
    • Roberto G.
      Roberto Geroli: "E' il più importante santuario shintoista di Tokyo"
  • 9.5


    Ristorante di tonkatsu 西麻布2-24-9 Tokyo, 東京都

    La gente dice anche (28consigli):

    • Dan W.
      Dan Winterberg: "Best. Tonkatsu. Ever. Crispy outside, juicy inside."
    • Cindy A.
      Cindy Au: "Excellent pork. Get the himuro-buta if you want something flavorful and very fatty. So good."

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