New York Pizza Suprema

New York Pizza Suprema

Chelsea, New York
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    Bruno N.
    "Ótima pizza, vale a visita."(2 Consigli)
    Flavia A.
    "Pizza realmente deliciosa!!!!!!"(6 Consigli)
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  • Tony M.
    Tony MarasciuloGennaio 15, 2017
    Pizza Americana buona, totalmente differente dall'italian style
  • Fernanda A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Fernanda AraujoDicembre 13, 2016
    Realmente uma típica pizza americana! Ótimo custo benéfico!!!
  • Bruno N.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Bruno NascimentoAgosto 16, 2014
    Ótima pizza, vale a visita.
  • Anouar A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Anouar AziouziNovembre 29, 2017
    Best pizza ever, not expensive
  • Flavia A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Flavia AlvaresMarzo 25, 2018
    Pizza realmente deliciosa!!!!!!
  • Allison M.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Allison MacambiraDicembre 23, 2015
    Pizza muito boa! 😃
  • Jack O.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Jack OsborneSettembre 15, 2015
    There's a reason Slice Harvester rates this as his best reg slice in Manhattan. The crisp base folds perfectly, the cheese is packed full of flavour & the sauce is sweet. I went back for seconds.
  • David Z.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    David ZhangGennaio 7, 2017
    Some of the best pizza in the city, legitimately. Try the upside down (sorta like a mix between grandma and Chicago style), the white, or the suprema special.
  • Gothamist
    GothamistSettembre 18, 2015
    A plain slice here runs $3, and is exactly what a slice of pizza should be—cheesy, crusty, and doused with a not-too-sweet, not-too-oniony tomato sauce. Leggi tutto
    Votato positivo 1 settimana fa
  • Yelimar R.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Yelimar RodriguezOttobre 3, 2015
    Best pizza in town!!! Their sauce is on pointe. Love their basil mozzarella, white slice, mushroom slice and the vegan slice (no cheese but HUGE on flavor).
  • Carl F.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Carl FigueiredoMarzo 20, 2016
    As authentic as it gets. Stand in line, wait until you're spoken to, and be ready to shout out your order. All the classics, perfectly executed in a NY kind of way.
  • MAQicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    MAQMarzo 21, 2017
    Without a doubt, one of the best Pizza place in New York ( I've tried their Margarita, Chicken Buffalo & Fresh Mushroom and all were amazing 👌🏻)
  • David G.
    David GreenbergerFebbraio 21, 2015
    Listen to 4sq! Didn't trust the rating, went with it. Didn't trust the upside down slice, got it, bc 4sq said. One of the best slices I've had in the city.
  • Zach Aarons
    Zach AaronsAprile 18, 2012
    Upside down slice is really solid. The supreme slice looks very good as well. Definitely a great option after a Knicks or Rangers game. (3 of 4 petals via Fondu) Leggi tutto
  • Maria A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Maria Arshad-OsmanAprile 4, 2015
    Wow wht a pizza!! The crust, the toppings, everything was delicious. Def on of the best NY style pizzas in town.
  • Elia C.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Elia ClementeOttobre 26, 2015
    The specialty slices are overflowing with choices. A simple 'regular' slice is a winner every time. Whatever your pizza craving is, these guys will have it. And it will be amazing.
  • Zsuzsanna M.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Zsuzsanna MiklósiAprile 3, 2017
    Amazing pizza, just the right amount of crunchiness and cheese, great sauce, nice service and plenty of place to sit down. Don't be fooled by the dodgy looking facade!
  • Patricio R.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Patricio RuizMaggio 21, 2016
    This pizza lives up to the expectations. If you're looking for something different, try the white (garlic) pizza, or ask for the upside down. The latter shows what a good pizza sauce tastes like.
  • Kasey M.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Kasey MaMarzo 10, 2016
    Um. The upside-down slice is the bomb. I've never had a Sicilian like that before. Sauce was sweet AND savory. Unheard of. I just died and went to heaven. I would starve all day to eat 4 slices here.
  • Mike F.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Mike FriedlichOttobre 17, 2016
    The pizza here is the best yet that I have had in NYC. I had the plain slice, and the sauce on it is so good I dont know how they do it. They are so good I could eat a whole pie.
  • Kate F.
    Kate FurmanAprile 24, 2017
    Best option for food around Penn Station. They sell pizza by the slice and it's absolutely delicious, fast, and cheap.
  • Mehan J.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Mehan JayasuriyaFebbraio 28, 2015
    The platonic ideal of the New York plain slice. A well-balanced, perfectly cooked, deeply satisfying slice every time. I really doubt there's a better way to spend $3 in Manhattan.
  • Al S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Al SGiugno 8, 2018
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    Some of if not the best pizza I’ve had in New York. They offer different types (thin crust, Sicilian, upside down) so you can get a few different slices and try them all. I really like the white pie.
  • A S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    A SLuglio 4, 2015
    Every time I take the bus back to Boston, I stop here and grab a slice of pizza for the ride. The veggie medley was excellent and so was the mozzarella basil.
  • Yaz R.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Yaz Rey ReyAgosto 31, 2018
    Los roles de espinacas y de berenjena muy ricos. Muchas opciones vegetarianas. Mucha gente pero pasas rápido por que te toman tu orden desde que estás en la fila. Los precios aprox 7 dólares.
  • Esther C.
    Esther ChoiMaggio 27, 2014
    Amazing plain slice! Great cheese-free Vegan option: Vegetable medley
  • John P.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    John ParkesNovembre 12, 2017
    Salivating just remembering how good this was. As everyone else says, upside down is incredible (that velvety tomato sauce: yum). But also recommend the buffalo chicken. Just the right amount of heat.
  • Dan S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Dan SohaydaAprile 5, 2016
    Quality pizza in a location with a good amount of booths to sit in, but one of the smallest bathrooms in NYC!
  • N K.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    N KAgosto 17, 2014
    Tons of varieties of fresh pizzas. Personal favorite was fresh mushroom pizza and the creamy white pizza with garlic. My daughter loved the marinara pizza and wants to try the upside down pizza next
  • Levant P.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Levant PandaFebbraio 25, 2016
    I only had one slice late evening, but great for single slice. It's the sauce that really sets it apart from other places. Just get a couple cheese slices and you'll know how good this place is.
  • Dáša J.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Dáša JaníkováMarzo 4, 2020
    Oh my good this place is like heaven for me. There are a great selection of great pizzas and everyone can choose their favourite. This place is good also for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Robert A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Robert AccetturaAgosto 1, 2016
    Very good pizza, you can't really go wrong here. Sicilian is pretty hardy and surprisingly not terrible as most places that attempt it are, though slightly on the oily side.
  • Nate S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Nate SOttobre 12
    I overheard someone next to me say “I’ve had way better.” I agree. Claims to be Top 10 slices in NY. Worth a stop if you’re near Penn/MSG, for sure, but better places in the city. Try the Upside Down.
    Votato positivo Nov 1
  • Mare L.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Mare LealOttobre 19, 2018
    Execelent! O pedaço da pizza é grande e varia entre 3 e 5 dólares. Tem as clássicas de queijo e pepperoni (foda!), mas tem de espinafre com ricota, marguerita, mushrooms (boas!) e outras. Tem que ir!
  • Vansiicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    VansiMaggio 21, 2019
    Missed your train and need a seat with AC? The pizza is great too!
  • Desmond
    DesmondGiugno 18, 2012
    Try the Mushroom Slice - If you like mushrooms on your pizza this is the place to go! Fresh mushrooms, not the white ones you get from a can. Tastier difference!
  • Jen W.
    Jen WOttobre 7, 2015
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    best slice of pizza in NY! get a plain slice and let it cool down. perfect temperature to eat it at is room temp.
  • Ian S.
    Ian SpalterGennaio 11, 2013
    plain slice gives a great fold/crease and the cheese actually has flavor -sauce is on the sweet side but its a great basic NYC slice
  • Lenny G.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Lenny GalloAgosto 25, 2022
    È stato qui più di 10 volte
    This is still the best pizza in NYC. From the sauce to the crust, everything comes out to perfection. I highly recommend their Fra Diavlo.
  • Mike C.
    Mike ChristensenOttobre 21, 2011
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    Here's the tip: eat here. I've been coming to the city for years on business and the Fresh Mozz & Basil (Margherita) is the best there is. Train, cab, walk, skip, whatever. You can't go wrong!
  • Marc P.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Marc PelinaNovembre 16, 2011
    È stato qui più di 100 volte
    One of the best pizza places in the neighborhood! Their plain slice is awesome and all you really need! I come here for lunch all the time!
  • Leonardo V.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Leonardo VillaMaggio 31, 2016
    Amazing. The place is welcoming and warm. The pizza is nearly-perfect. Yet, very casual. Try the siciliana with sausage. The price is super fair.
  • Appropriately C.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Appropriately CriticalDicembre 12, 2017
    Perfect inexpensive, served hot n fast By the slice favorite margarita Tomato was sweet mozzarella flavorful long cheesy pull basil fresh crust perfectly thin had appropriate sweetness of the dough
  • Jérôme T.
    Jérôme TomasiniAgosto 10, 2014
    Référence de la pizza new-yorkaise, ce restaurant familial a bâti sa légende sur sa part de "plain cheese". Les gourmands se régaleront aussi avec la "Fresh Mozzarella & Basil".
  • Cole K.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Cole KennedyAgosto 24, 2015
    Sure, the slices are good (I liked the Margherita; the Sicilian had too much bread) but it feels criminal to pay $4 for a pizza slice.
  • Ian C.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Ian CheeNovembre 25, 2019
    Likely the best pizza place near Penn Station. Start with the classic or upside down slice; go boujie with the Burrata slice.
  • Robert G.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Robert GillingsLuglio 20, 2017
    I tried this place the other day and I can honestly say it was amazing. Great food, great atmosphere, and excellent service. Will definitely be returning next time i'm in the area.
  • Kimmie O.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Kimmie OhhNovembre 24, 2019
    They have the best pizza around Penn Station! Get the classic plain cheese slice or an upside down slice.
  • Herve L.
    Herve LarrenMarzo 9, 2017
    What a spectacular place with a spectacular staff. They are a wealth of knowledge of the extensive drink menu and masters at preparing a cocktail.
  • Kodi M.
    Kodi McKinneyGiugno 7, 2016
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    This is the type of place I hope tourists never have on their maps. Plain slice is better than Joe's. Easily in the top 3 cheese slices I've ever found.
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