The Best Breakfast Spots In L.A.
Wexler's Deli is one of The Best Breakfast Spots In L.A..

1. Wexler's Deli

616 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA
Gastronomia · 27 consigli e recensioni

LAistLAist: Order up an "Uncle Leo" (bagel, lox, egg, onions) or go easy and just get a bagel with smoked trout and cream cheese. And when you're finished, take a black and white cookie to go. Leggi tutto.

Paper Or Plastik Cafe is one of The Best Breakfast Spots In L.A..

2. Paper Or Plastik Cafe

5772 W Pico Blvd (at Ogden Dr), Los Angeles, CA
Coffee-shop · PICO · 109 consigli e recensioni

LAistLAist: Doesn't take a Russian hack to reveal that I'm a shakshuka-holic. Or that I have a serious coffee addiction. This cafe is a solid choice for each craving, but is unmatched in putting the two together. Leggi tutto.

Aroma Coffee and Tea Co. is one of The Best Breakfast Spots In L.A..

3. Aroma Coffee and Tea Co.

4360 Tujunga Ave (at Moorpark St.), Studio City, CA
Coffee-shop · 223 consigli e recensioni

LAistLAist: For the better part of two decades, Aroma has been chugging along as one of those quintessential breakfast spots. We don't have to tell you twice about that Nutella bacon maple cronut. Leggi tutto.

Destroyer is one of The Best Breakfast Spots In L.A..

4. Destroyer

3578 Hayden Ave, Culver City, CA
Nuovo ristorante americano · Culver City · 42 consigli e recensioni

LAistLAist: The space's austere decor is balanced by the high art presentation of each dish. Does Destroyer serve avocado toast? Well, how about avocado confit on toasted country bread? Leggi tutto.

Square One Dining is one of The Best Breakfast Spots In L.A..

5. Square One Dining

4854 Fountain Ave (at Vermont Ave), Los Angeles, CA
Posto per la colazione · Little Armenia · 114 consigli e recensioni

LAistLAist: The service is homey, the menu is robust, and Instagramming your plate still feels gauche here. Do I have to wait 30-45 minutes for a table on the weekends? Yes. But I'll take that as a good sign. Leggi tutto.

Kitchen Mouse is one of The Best Breakfast Spots In L.A..

6. Kitchen Mouse

5904 N Figueroa St (at S Avenue 59), Los Angeles, CA
Bar Caffè · Highland Park · 31 consigli e recensioni

LAistLAist: The lines are long, but not unmanageably so, and the hearty vegan fare is worth the wait. Get your pre-brunch snack on while you wait with their miniature, surprisingly delicious vegan donuts. Leggi tutto.

NBC Seafood Restaurant is one of The Best Breakfast Spots In L.A..

7. NBC Seafood Restaurant

404 S Atlantic Blvd Ste A (at Newmark Ave.), Monterey Park, CA
Ristorante dim sum · 50 consigli e recensioni

LAistLAist: Dim sum really is perfect for a late weekend morning. No need to be too finicky with the menu. Get yourself some har gow, dan tat, and a host of other regulars, then fill in the rest from there. Leggi tutto.

Manhattan Beach Post is one of The Best Breakfast Spots In L.A..

8. Manhattan Beach Post

1142 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA
Nuovo ristorante americano · Downtown Manhattan Beach · 148 consigli e recensioni

LAistLAist: It’s been around since 2011 and has developed a reputation around its bacon cheddar biscuits, but the rest of the menu is equally delicious (in particular the corned beef cheek hash). Leggi tutto.