20 favorite restaurants
Esquire is one of 20 favorite restaurants.

1. Esquire

145 Eagle St, Brisbane, QLD
Ristorante · Brisbane City · 9 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: Creative Degustation that will tantalise the tastebuds

2. Aria Restaurant

1 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD
Ristorante australiano · Brisbane City · 13 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: The banoffe dessert is the best in town

3. Urbane Restaurant

179 Mary St., Brisbane, QLD
Ristorante · Brisbane City · 2 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: Creative and imaginative degustation meals

4. Ristorante Tartufo

1000 Ann St., Fortitude Valley, QLD
Ristorante italiano · 10 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: An extensive Italian menu that will match any desire

5. Bacchus

114 Grey St (at Glenelg St), South Bank, QLD
Ristorante australiano · 6 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: Time to Glam it up, this has a Miami Vice feel to it but the food is amazing

6. The Survey Co.

30 Burnett Ln. (btwn George & Albert), Brisbane, QLD
Ristorante · Brisbane City · 10 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: Laneway dining just like Melbourne with an Italian Mexican feel to the menu

7. Bar Barossa

545 Queen St. (Cnr Of Adelaide St. And Macrossan St.), Brisbane, QLD
Wine bar · Brisbane City · 6 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: Highly underrated restaurant with an extensive wine list and amazing food

8. Stokehouse

Sidon St (South Bank Parklands), South Brisbane, QLD
Ristorante australiano · 19 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: Simply stunning food with views to die for. Just keeps getting better and better

9. E'cco Bistro

100 Boundary St (Adelaide St), Brisbane, QLD
Ristorante australiano · Brisbane City · 9 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: One of the oldest and most established restaurants in Brisbane. Phillip Johnson knows how to put a restaurant together

10. Era Bistro

102 Melbourne St., South Brisbane, QLD
Coffee-shop · 21 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: A bistro like no other, great menu and perfect food every time

11. Pony

Eagle St. Pier, Brisbane, QLD
Ristorante · Brisbane City · 14 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: Creating a stir and challenging the perception of food, right on the river and with an open char pit, what more could you want?

12. Gerard's Bistro

Shop 14, 15 James St, Fortitude Valley, QLD
Bistro · 16 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: Since opening, Gerards has stormed into the Brisbane diners consciousness, it's an amazing spot and quirky menu, check it out

13. Malt

28 Market St (Charlotte St), Brisbane, QLD
Ristorante · Brisbane City · 18 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: Malt has an old world charm but contemporary menu. Above a whisky bar, you can have a lovely dinner then continue on in the bar downstairs

14. Lurleens

850-938 Mt Cotton Rd. (Epraph Rd), Queensland
Ristorante australiano · 2 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: A short drive south of Brisbane, this winery come restaurant is superb. Celebrity Chef and all, this place has a menu to die for

15. Deer Duck Bistro

396 Milton Rd, Auchenflower, QLD
Ristorante · 7 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: This place is all about the food, its creative and amazing. The focus is on tasty meats and creative presentation

16. Ortiga

466 Brunswick St (Robertson St), Fortitude Valley, QLD
Ristorante spagnolo · 15 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: Arguably the best restaurant in Brisbane, this Spanish fine diner is out of this world. A very special occasion place

17. Restaurant TWO

2 Edward St., Brisbane, QLD
Wine bar · Brisbane City · 4 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: Restaurant Two is perfectly located for special occasions and very fine dining. Always innovative and creative, Two is an amazing experience

18. 1889 Enoteca

12 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba, QLD
Ristorante italiano · 14 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: One of the few Italian restaurants in Brisbane that you cannot miss going to, the most extensive wine list imaginable and brilliant menu

19. Montrachet

224 Given Terrace, Paddington, QLD
Ristorante francese · 8 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: Simply the best French restaurant in Brisbane. Be aware that it's not open on the weekends and has two sittings per night. If you want to linger, then take the 830 booking

20. Alchemy Restaurant & Bar

175 Eagle St, Brisbane, QLD
Ristorante australiano · Brisbane City · 10 consigli e recensioni

FoodMeUpScottyFoodMeUpScotty: Brad Jolly could be the best chef in Brisbane. What's more, is he is always in the kitchen pumping out creative and delicious dishes. Extensive menu options often leaving you wanting more