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Σύνταγμα, Atene
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  • Nefeli K.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Nefeli KounatidouGennaio 31, 2017
    Highly recommend it for couples, group of friends. The environment is comfy, cozy, you feel like hanging out in your own apartment. Romantic corners, wide variety of choices, try "Driver's love"
  • Νεφελη Κ.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Νεφελη Κ.Marzo 25, 2018
    Amazing music, great wine, romantic corner, amazing place. Moderate prices, 9€ cocktails, 5€ wines. So sweeet amazing spot
  • Giwrgos M.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Giwrgos MegremisGiugno 20, 2016
    Lights down low inside, creating wonderful romantic corners, homey feeling, comfy vintage armchairs, waiter a happy, smiley dude. Low prices, neat drinks some non alcohol. Located in the arcade.
  • Seham N.
    Seham NasirAgosto 29, 2019
    A hidden gem. Authentic decor. Perfect coffee and friendly service on the first day , terrible coffee and service the second day !! Flat white and chocolate pancakes were devine.
  • Popi A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Popi AndonaraAprile 8, 2016
    Υπέροχη,κλασική στοά για ολες τις ώρες (.....αρκεί να βρεις να καθήσεις) ! Ευγενικό προσωπικό που βοηθάει στην επιλογή κάποιου κοκτέιλ .... ! Το προτείνω ανεπιφύλακτα !!
  • eatsmylifeicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    eatsmylifeAprile 14, 2019
    Cozy environment hidden in a Athens center “loggia”. Definitely try the avocado toast!! Was one of the best I have ever try!!
  • Sidira K.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Sidira KuriaGennaio 20, 2019
    Great bar, with a character. Cool persons, you can meet actual Athenians here! After renovation, became one of my favourites in the city centre 😉
  • Sonia P.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Sonia PhocasAprile 28, 2017
    Extremely cozy and comfortable, with an amazing decor, pet-friendly AND you have the option of drinking your coffee with almond milk! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • Dimitris A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Dimitris AthanasopoulosGennaio 28, 2018
    Τέλειο! Απλά ενας κρυμμένος παράδεισος στη βαβούρα του κεντρου! Υπέροχη διακόσμηση και κλίμα,ιδανικό για όλες τις ώρες της ημέρας...
  • Anna S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Anna StergiouGennaio 1, 2019
    Classic choice in city center to have a coffee in very nice stoa, divided to smokers and no smokers. The brunch was not so good, the coffee was perfect.
  • Petros A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Petros ANovembre 25, 2016
    Very nice bar & café, unfortunately they allow smoking so the atmosphere can become unbearable...
  • Charis K.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Charis KarantzasLuglio 31, 2018
    Really cosy for morning coffee and work. Easy to find a plug and nice connection
  • Nikolaos S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Nikolaos SfiniasLuglio 3, 2015
    Γλυκητατος και ωραία διακοσμημένος χώρος, ευγενέστατη και προσεγμένη (ως προς την ταχύτητα) εξυπηρέτηση. Οι καφέδες είναι προσεγμένοι και σε νορμάλ τιμές. Nice & cool place, pleasant service.
  • Stamatis K.
    Stamatis KritikosOttobre 13, 2013
    Cool place downtown Athens housed in the space of an old cinema. Perfect drinks, friendly stuff, a lot of people and great music.
  • L D.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    L DMarzo 19, 2018
    Went for afterwork drinks and food. Nice atmosphere. The quinoa and salmon salad was perfection. Good music.
  • Eirini C.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Eirini ChatzimargaritiSettembre 11, 2016
    It's a nice, place with friendly staff and variety of wines and drinks. It's suitable either for coffee or for just a drink!
  • Engineers' Group A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Engineers' Group AvramidisSettembre 12, 2014
    WiFi: bartesera (login & password).. 👍
  • Eviicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    EviDicembre 2, 2016
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    A hidden paradise for dates, gossip, big groups of friends and even for work. All in one !
  • Efthimis L.
    Efthimis L Novembre 23, 2011
    Very nice place with an "alternative" environment, at least compared to most cafes around..! Cozy and friendly, competitive prices and free wifi available! :)
  • Michael A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Michael AmbjornAprile 20, 2017
    Nice little tri-part hideaway. Very close to Syntagma Sq. Try the homemade lemonade.
  • Dionisis V.
    Dionisis VlassopoulosAgosto 30, 2013
    Ωραίος χώρος και κόσμος. Μολονότι πολυσύχναστο, με ό,τι αυτό συνεπάγεται για τόσο μικρό χώρο, αξίζει οπωσδήποτε, τόσο για χαλαρό καφέ και chit chat, όσο και για ποτό το βράδυ.
  • Δάφνη Ρ.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Δάφνη ΡακούνGennaio 18, 2018
    Great place for chilling. Relaxed and cozy atmosphere, good service and nice drinks.
  • The tunnel ..icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    The tunnel .Aprile 9, 2018
    Very nice ambience, cozy and comfortable. Not too expensive. Service was OK but we are not friends, enough with the "teasing".
  • Agapi .icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Agapi 👑Febbraio 21, 2017
    Πολύ ωραίος καφές! Ο χώρος είναι ζεστός και άνετος, αν εξαιρέσει κανείς -τι άλλο;- το κάπνισμα το οποίο χαλάει όλη την ατμόσφαιρα...
  • Christos Z.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Christos ZervasSettembre 6, 2016
    The most pure essence you can get of an original 60's Athens touch! #Fabulous
  • Marithakiicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    MarithakiOttobre 1, 2019
    Very cozy, nice music, good for work & after work cocktails.
  • Lefteris P.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Lefteris ParaskevasAprile 15, 2013
    Πολυ μπροστα !!!!!! Εκπληκτικό !! One of the best bars in the centre of Athens !! Many young people with a good atmosfair ..
  • Krystalenia T.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Krystalenia TatsiGiugno 20, 2017
    Πολύ ωραίος χώρος με αρκετό κόσμο και εξυπηρετικό προσωπικό! :)
    Ladylike.grLuglio 22, 2013
    Τις βραδιές που παίζει μουσική ο Γιώργος Μιχαλόπουλος, α) κάθισε κοντά στα decks, β) έχε μαζί σου πρόχειρο σημειωματάριο γιατί θα έχεις πολλές άγνωστες λέξεις-τραγούδια.
  • Spyros D.
    Όμορφο. Έτσι όπως είναι (έξυπνα) διαμορφωμένο προσφέρει διάφορες επιλογές : Από άνετο καφέ μέχρι ποτό στα όρθια. Διαλέγεις κ παίρνεις.
  • J V.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    J VOttobre 23, 2014
    atmosphere is great however hard to find a place to sit especially if your a smoker
  • D T.
    D TFebbraio 25, 2014
    used to love it years ago but not sure anymore. with so many new bars opening it seemed it lost something and also felt a bit overpriced and a mediocre selection of draught beer (only small glass!!)
  • p k.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    p kAgosto 1, 2019
    Πολύ όμορφος χώρος, δροσερό αίθριο για το καλοκαίρι και καφές καλός. Ενδιαφέρον έχουν οι εκθέσεις στους τοίχους, τα κάδρα.
  • Sofia S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Sofia Sr 🐷Aprile 26, 2015
    Ωραίο μαγαζί στο κέντρο της Αθήνας με όμορφη και χαλαρή ατμόσφαιρα! αρκετά καλή εξυπηρέτηση!
  • P.O.Box: MOSCOW
    P.O.Box: MOSCOWLuglio 30, 2015
    Уютное заведение с приятной атмосферой и хорошим меню. Большой выбор алкоголя. Отличное обслуживание.
  • Kalliope ♡.
    Kalliope ♡♥Febbraio 24, 2016
    Ωραίος χώρος ! Κάθεσαι άνετα ! Το προτείνω για όλες τις ώρες ! Τιμές νορμάλ !
  • Fokion Taxiarchis S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Nice for casual group time. Very friendly staff.
  • Signorina Melìna 🎀icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Signorina Melìna 🎀Gennaio 12, 2015
    Ιδανικό για μια μεσημεριανή στάση ,για ένα μικρό γεύμα ή καφέ 😊νόστιμες σαλάτες & σάντουιτς! 🍲
  • Ria H.
    Ria HerciniaFebbraio 22, 2012
    Like the special structure.the part where the bar is ,is more alive.not for coffee i recommend it for a drink.nice music
  • Konstantinos M.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Konstantinos MagaliosGennaio 15, 2017
    Απο τις καλυτερες επιλογες στο κεντρο..καλο περιβαλλον κοσμος και τιμες!
  • •Antranik•
    •Antranik•Maggio 23, 2016
    Εχει μια οικεία και cosy αισθηση!Ιδιατερα κοκτειλ αν και τελικα μαλλον δε καταλαβαίνεις τι πίνεις. Στα πλην οι τσιμπημένες τιμες, και η σχετικα δυνατή μουσικη! Εαν θα ξανάρθω? Ισως ναι, ισως οχι!
  • Τζέλα Δ.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Τζέλα ΔέλταNovembre 13, 2015
    The design is amazing, a must visit
  • Ιάσονας Α.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Nice place, good hot chocolate, but very noisy
  • Sandy R.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Sandy RoseOttobre 15, 2016
    Loved the place and the signature cocktails
  • Christoph A.
    Christoph ALuglio 21, 2016
    Great music and one of the few places offering Monkey 47
  • Nadia V.
    Nadia VolDicembre 17, 2014
    Αυτές οι πίττες ειναι βασικά σαν τραγανές πίτσες κ είναι πολύ νόστιμες. 8 κομμάτια, δοκιμάστε μπεικον κ μανιτάρια
  • Dimitrio K.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Dimitrio K.Settembre 25, 2016
    Beautiful place with authentic decoration.Good for working.
  • Grigoria P.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Grigoria PntGennaio 11, 2016
    È stato qui più di 10 volte
    Ωραίο για μεσημεριανό καφέ. Τα cocktails του δε λένε πολλά, εκτός από το lemon pie που είναι σαν λεμονόπιτα :P
  • Μαριγιάννα Α.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Great atmosphere. Good selection of beers.
  • Konstantinos A.
    εξαιρετικός χώρος,ήσυχο, μουσική τζαζ,υπέροχο περιβάλλον must to visit
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