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  • Abdullah A.
    Abdullah Al-SaeedDicembre 23, 2019
    Jump in front of this place to reach Butcher Shop grill to get the best Kale salad or best goat cheese salad. Their Kale salad is tasteless
  • Abdullah A.
    Abdullah Al-SaeedDicembre 23, 2019
    I could expect a flatbread from a Man’oushah place better than their pizza. Totally overpriced for a very normal quality food. The food is too bad compared with their nice vibes. Not recommended
  • Khalid 📸
    Khalid 📸Novembre 23, 2019
    Unrespectfull staff, unclear and changing rules. Minimum charge per person for 200! <written in a tiny font in the first page!! Never gonna try it again.
  • Norah
    NorahNovembre 22, 2019
    Worst restaurant in terms of service and attitude. I always gave a chance but same attitude was shown. The manager was extremely rude and she showed unwillingness and resentment to hear the complaint.
  • Fawazicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    FawazNovembre 22, 2020
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    I was warned about it but didn’t listen so I went for breakfast & got the omelette which was normal at best. The place is too crowded and don’t know why. All I know who tried it never recommended it
  • Ghada Ficona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Ghada FNovembre 2, 2019
    È stato qui più di 10 volte
    I loved the taste of triple C , strawberry&cream cake 😍 P.S: I noticed that their prices are changeable from day to another, I don’t know what’s the matter but I hope they make them fixed ! 😅
  • Abdulaziz M.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Abdulaziz MOttobre 1, 2019
    È stato qui più di 10 volte
    food is excellent, pizza, veal Milanese, lamb chops, lobster spaghetti, truffle ravioli, soft shell crab, baby chicken and the tiramisu is a must to try👍🏼and they have the BEST Croissants 🥐😍.
  • Nayeficona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    NayefGiugno 13, 2021
    Here you have the best service, Abbas and Owen are super cool hall managers. Classic French toast is a piece of art! Bu they should work on their coffee options.
  • 👁☕️
    👁☕️Dicembre 28, 2019
    Despite the outstanding interior, their service was below the expectation.
  • A S M Aicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    A S M ASettembre 30, 2019
    فيه أطباق أقل من التوقعات مثل الروزوتو و الشريمب و البوراتا .. بينما البيتزا تفووز خبزتها رائعه و رقيقه .. و الرافيولي بجبنة الريكوتا أصلييييه عجبتنا حيييل
  • Aziz Q.
    Aziz QGennaio 11, 2020
    Ambiance & decoration is captivating. ricotta cheese ravioli, it was over cocked purposely so it melts in your mouth. 3 Cs cake wz great too. I didn't like Roca salad. Not the best date cake
  • Youseficona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    YousefGennaio 17, 2020
    È stato qui più di 10 volte
    vibes are great but food is not!
  • Abdulaziz R.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Abdulaziz R.Settembre 17, 2019
    Great food, great atmosphere... loved the experience ! 👌🏼
  • Nadiah g.
    Nadiah ghamdiGennaio 11, 2020
    الشيف الايطاليه لديها تعصب غريب ضد الاسلام ارجو اتخاذ اجراءات قانونيه بحقها منعتنا من الصلاه وتلفظت علينا بألفاظ غير لائقه واذا علقت ع الانستقرام حقهم يحذفوك ويسوون بلوك وين المصداقيه في هالمطعم 👎
  • Nicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    NDicembre 25, 2019
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    للأسف المطعم خدمته سيئه والأكل وصلنا بارد، البيتزا كأنها مجمده والجبنه مليانه زيت، حرام يروح الديكور والموقع الجميل بسبب جودة الخدمة والأكل!
  • Rehamicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    RehamOttobre 12, 2019
    الاكل نوعاً ما جيد عجبني طبق ( كنف غنم ) بس توقعت الاكل الذ بالنسبه للسمعه الي سمعتها عنه!
  • Danielle S.
    Danielle SpencerNovembre 12, 2019
    Lastly eatsy opens at 7pm sharp, we know believe me, we had to wait for the door to be opened so what is this story about the prayer? The prayer is way before that, someone is lying here🤣
  • Hadeel
    HadeelSettembre 30, 2020
    Unprofessional staff when I arrived they told I have to order dinner not only coffee & dessert ,but no one told me that when I called to reserve the table
  • Nora A.
    Nora AlNovembre 24, 2020
    The place looks amazing but I had only desserts which didn’t taste as fabulous as they looked.. I wish it was better because the atmosphere is worth better food
  • Manalicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    ManalAgosto 11, 2021
    Eat’sy has left the best impressions! Hospitable hosts, delicious dishes, beautiful presentation and wonderful dessert. I would like to come back here again and again.
  • Shahad O.
    Shahad OtFebbraio 26, 2020
    lovely place , baby chicken with dates and olives was good , truffle pizza and yummy desserts. As for the coffee they can do better it’s not that great ! & Prices are high ..
  • Ibrahimicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    IbrahimAgosto 29, 2020
    Good atmosphere, great service. I highly recommend the sea bass and the penne with peanuts. The pizza was average.
  • Daniaicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    DaniaOttobre 30, 2020
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    Try two eggs went to Mexico/ spicy feta croissant/ tamr date’s french toast 😍😍
  • Samara K.
    Samara KareemSettembre 29, 2020
    Nice placefor gathering and meeting friends .. great atmospher ..Delaware ciouse food 👍🏻
  • Moudi A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Moudi AlSeikhanGennaio 25, 2020
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    Food below average,, actually bad. Slow service,, staff are not attentive especially at dinner time.
  • Lama A.
    Lama AhmedGennaio 5, 2021
    Food is delicious ( I ordered breakfast croissant) , but the decor the place the were all BELOW AVERAGE. Prices are crazy. 2 eggs with tomato for 75 riyal!!!Definitely not coming back again.
  • R S.
    R SGennaio 10, 2021
    I went for breakfast lunch and dinner. The only reason i kept going back was because the people i go out with never tried it & wanted to. Everyone always leaves disappointed swearing to never go again
  • Noor M.
    Noor MuzayenGiugno 12, 2021
    I went there for breakfast, i got almost a shakshouka 4/10, tow eggs went to Mexico 7/10, and Dutch baby 10/10.
  • Fهدicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    FهدLuglio 27, 2020
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    Amazing atmosphere.. it’s copy of orangery Bahrain also they hire ex-orangery chef ..
  • Yousef A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Yousef AldossaryAgosto 29, 2020
    Delicious breakfast.. highly recommended.
  • R S.
    R SGennaio 10, 2021
    Staff is rude, especially the manager. Bad service, over priced, the food is actually below average. They’re lucky that the decor is nice, otherwise this place would be empty for sure. Not recommended
  • Mashael A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Mashael Al-Bin AliOttobre 1, 2019
    Everything is beyond amazing!! Would go back over and over again
  • BAS .icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    BAS 🦁Agosto 6, 2020
    If you have a VIP gust it one of three options in town . Italian Resturant food + service and environment is good
  • Abrar 🌠 a.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Abrar 🌠 aDicembre 27, 2020
    دجاج تمر و باستا سباقيتي باليمون لذيذه، كيل سلاط ناقصه بلسمك وًليمون، الخدمه ممتازه ، بس الديكور ماعجبني حوسه، عموما حلو المكان ع الخبر
  • Rami .icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Rami 🪡Luglio 25, 2020
    È stato qui più di 10 volte
    I love the atmosphere of this place & really the Dutch pancake so delicious❣️
  • Walahicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    WalahLuglio 15, 2021
    It’s good, but a bit expensive. Overall, quality is good. Just try to avoid the busy hours!
  • Mahaicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    MahaMarzo 30, 2021
    Just perfect, food is excellent and the atmosphere is beautiful
  • Wednesday
    WednesdaySettembre 13, 2020
    Kale artichoke salad, burrata, cadiz shrimp, crisp fondant potatoes, green beans, baby narrows.
  • Amna M.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Amna MohammedAgosto 19, 2020
    Beautiful decorations and atmosphere but overpriced! And dishes weren’t that much delicious. Good but not gonna visit it again.
  • Ghadah AM ✨icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Ghadah AM ✨Agosto 21, 2020
    Baby chicken with tamer dates and olives & truffle pizza are the best!
  • Amal M.
    Amal MohMaggio 28, 2021
    Great ambiance , service was perfect .food taste was average for my taste and very good for my friends .1-thing was annoying music volume was too loud for a restaurant.
  • Reemicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    ReemGennaio 4, 2020
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    They’re late to respond!
  • Deema A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Deema AbdulazizGennaio 7, 2021
    The decor and ambiance was great, food is average, staff are ok-i recommend that they work on training the staff better
  • 🧚‍♀️icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    🧚‍♀️Settembre 26, 2019
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    Perfect scones 😩💗
  • Mushal♓️icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Mushal♓️Agosto 14, 2020
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    If I have a guest, I would definitely take him to Eat'sy. Atmosphere always matters in such restaurants. Overall, I've had a good time here and it is highly recommended.
  • abdo J.
    abdo JNovembre 25, 2019
    Food was good but pizza was coldambiance is nice. Music a bit loudService is very disappointing
  • A S M Aicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    A S M ASettembre 30, 2019
    الشيف الإيطالية اللطيفه ماقصرت سيرت و سلمت علينا.الحلا (بودنغ التمر و تربل سي تشوكلت كيك) عادي جداً،القهوه ممتازه و عندهم ال إيتاليان تربل سي تشكلت كوفي عجيبه.
  • Wednesday
    WednesdaySettembre 27, 2020
    Tuna tataki, beef carpaccio, ceviche, buratta and, lemon spaghetti.
  • Daniaicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    DaniaLuglio 12, 2020
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    You won’t find the same ambiance in khobar😍. I would recommend to go for mushroom pizza and tiramisu for sweets, lobster pasta is tasteless and overcooked.
  • Abrar 🌠 a.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Abrar 🌠 aDicembre 21, 2020
    overrate price marrrra ديكور المكان مو مرا ، الكيل سلاط مو مرا ناقصها ليمون، جربت بيبي تشكن حلو و باستا ليمون حلوه ،
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