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Mahdi Hosseini
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Mahdi Hosseini
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Places to have meal in London
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    Consigli recenti di Mahdi
    "Do not use your credit cards for paying the taxi. They charge you with high commission and unfair prices. Especially when you're paying in Euro or USD. It's good to have Yuan when you arrive."
    Mahdi HosseiniMahdi Hosseini · Aprile 14, 2019
    Servizio aeroportuale
    · Pudong, Cina
    "It's clean, good breakfast and WiFi connection. The reception is not so efficient, not a good welcome. But good room services and a great view of the riverside."
    Mahdi HosseiniMahdi Hosseini · Aprile 14, 2019
    "Iranian, be careful. It should be at least 15mins gap between the tax payment time and the time you're passing the passport control gate for data syncing between the bank and police officer computer."
    Mahdi HosseiniMahdi Hosseini · Marzo 23, 2019
    "I can spend days and days here. Calm and perfect to find, read and buy your favorite books with friendly and helpful staff."
    Mahdi HosseiniMahdi Hosseini · Febbraio 7, 2018
    · Londra, Regno Unito
    "It's very center, clean, with polite staff. I prefer up floors rooms, because of the noise of the neighborhood. They don't serve breakfast, but lots of affordable options around."
    Mahdi HosseiniMahdi Hosseini · Dicembre 13, 2017
    · Turchia
    "Wonderful collection. Check the exhibitions, they are not free, but mostly amazing. Unique London landscape from 10th-floor."
    Mahdi HosseiniMahdi Hosseini · Dicembre 13, 2017
    Museo d'arte
    · Londra, Regno Unito