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Tyler Banks

Tyler Banks


OTR driver. Fan of seeing the country. Frequent Flying J, Denny’s, & anywhere else I find warm & Welcoming with a Ready cup of Coffee. Cheers

Gilbert/Tuscon Az
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  • Miami
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  • Tucson
  • Palmetto Bay
  • South Miami
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Coral Gables
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Palmetto Bay
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South Miami
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3 Consigli
1 Lista creata · 2 Consigli
Big Springs
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Tyler Banks
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Tyler Banks
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Tyler Banks
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Tyler Banks
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Tyler Banks
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Tyler Banks
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    Consigli recenti di Tyler
    "If your going to land on the Street prior to loading/unloading, DON’T Over Shoot! You’ll end up having to go all the way to the Round-A-Bout to end up without a turn around for a Right Side back"
    Tyler BanksTyler Banks · Settembre 20, 2019
    · Itasca, Stati Uniti
    "The back Lot is NOT for Novice/Inexperienced Drivers-Truckers. Going into that area, it is difficult to get yourself turned around just to get out. Lot has an overall “Tight” feeling..."
    Tyler BanksTyler Banks · Giugno 23, 2019
    Stazione di servizio
    · Liverpool, Stati Uniti
    "What’s good? It’s across from a McD’s & has showers... but the lot is “ducking” Tight. The best/easy spots are all reserve. An option if you Night Drive or reserve a spot via the app"
    Tyler BanksTyler Banks · Giugno 22, 2019
    Stazione di servizio
    · Avon, Stati Uniti
    "Large parking lot with interesting layout; lots room when there’s snow on the ground. The store is nothing special; clean facilities & a Subway. Doesn’t have“Fresh Grind-To-Brew” Machines 👎🏽☕️🤖"
    Tyler BanksTyler Banks · Dicembre 28, 2018
    Stazione di servizio
    · Winnemucca, Stati Uniti
    "Bathroom is OK, shower was ok, but not over the top clean. Hotbar well stocked in am 🌄"
    Tyler BanksTyler Banks · Dicembre 19, 2018
    Stazione di servizio
    · Winnemucca, Stati Uniti
    "They are “Professional” & actually courteous here. Arrived a little late but they still had me on a dock at the 2:30-3 hour mark. Not great, but good enough under the circumstances."
    Tyler BanksTyler Banks · Dicembre 16, 2018
    · Lawrence, Stati Uniti