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Violeta Deyapa

Violeta Deyapa


Visiting Buenos Aires? Follow us and check in to get the most of your experience with Violeta's tips. Visit our website to find out more about us.

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
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  • Buenos Aires
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Buenos Aires
4 Liste create · 21 Consigli
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Liste recenti di Violeta Deyapa
Violeta Deyapa
4 posti aggiornati Novembre 21, 2012
4 posti incluso Cumaná, Café San Juan, Sirop Folie, Hierbabuena
Violeta Deyapa
4 posti aggiornati Novembre 17, 2012
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Violeta Deyapa
5 posti aggiornati Febbraio 15, 2012
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Violeta Deyapa
0 posti aggiornati Ottobre 27, 2011
Nessun posto
Violeta Deyapa
6 posti aggiornati Febbraio 15, 2012
6 posti incluso Milonga La Pipetuá, La Glorieta, Niño Bien, El Afronte Milonga
Violeta Deyapa
1 posti aggiornati
1 posto incluso Orsai Bar
    Consigli recenti di Violeta Deyapa
    "Charming restaurant in a beautiful part of San Telmo unknown by most tourists. Try the lemonade or the drinks recommended by the waiter. Wifi password: ierba."
    Violeta DeyapaVioleta Deyapa · Novembre 21, 2012
    Vegetariano / vegano
    · Buenos Aires, Argentina
    "Beautiful pastry shop, fine and delicate. Macarons, cupcakes, cookies, petits gâteaux, all fresh and delicious. There is a small bar to have tea of coffee on the spot."
    Violeta DeyapaVioleta Deyapa · Novembre 17, 2012
    · Buenos Aires, Argentina
    "Soooooo good, sooooo tasty. Small place, always full. Make a reservation before going, if possible."
    Violeta DeyapaVioleta Deyapa · Giugno 11, 2012
    · Buenos Aires, Argentina
    "Good sandwiches and soups. Too crowded on weekends. Love the sofas."
    Violeta DeyapaVioleta Deyapa · Maggio 26, 2012
    Bar Caffè
    · Buenos Aires, Argentina
    "Good empanadas, not too pricey considering the area. A bit noisy at lunch time but you can ask for mate service after 4pm. A plus: wax crayons to draw on the paper tablecloths :)"
    Violeta DeyapaVioleta Deyapa · Maggio 25, 2012
    · Buenos Aires, Argentina
    "Perfect coffee shop for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Nice tables in the backyard. Try the srambled eggs!"
    Violeta DeyapaVioleta Deyapa · Maggio 23, 2012
    Bar Caffè
    · Villa Crespo, Argentina