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Marleine Pacilio

Marleine Pacilio


Los Angeles, CA
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  • Los Angeles
  • West Hollywood
  • Santa Monica
  • Beverly Hills
  • Marina del Rey
  • New York
  • North Hollywood
  • Culver City
  • Charlotte
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Principali città di Marleine
Los Angeles
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West Hollywood
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Santa Monica
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Beverly Hills
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Marina del Rey
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New York
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North Hollywood
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Culver City
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Marleine Pacilio
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Marleine Pacilio
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Marleine Pacilio
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Marleine Pacilio
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Marleine Pacilio
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Marleine Pacilio
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    Consigli recenti di Marleine
    "Sandy is the most exceptional trainer! And there is free parking in the garage around the corner."
    Marleine PacilioMarleine Pacilio · Maggio 13, 2017
    · Miami Beach, Stati Uniti
    "The grilled lobster was not just good, but OUTRAGEOUS. The mofongo was lovely, as was the papaya salad. To start, I had the langoustine salad. And the service blew me away. Great vibe. World class."
    Marleine PacilioMarleine Pacilio · Luglio 31, 2015
    · Fajardo, Portorico
    "Hot. Lobster. Roll. End of discussion. It really is ridiculously good, even for an east coaster who's used to Maine lobster. The Indian Pudding is uniquely delicious too. Great service. A+"
    Marleine PacilioMarleine Pacilio · Luglio 14, 2015
    Frutti di mare
    · West Hollywood, Stati Uniti
    "Not bad. Service was fab. Food was good, yet not exceptional. As an Italian who grew up on the east cost, I'm a snob and I admit it. But with LA's new crop of Italian spots, not sure I'd rush back."
    Marleine PacilioMarleine Pacilio · Giugno 30, 2015
    · Pasadena, Stati Uniti
    "Chargrilled oysters. Get extra bread to sop up the garlicky butter."
    Marleine PacilioMarleine Pacilio · Giugno 1, 2015
    Frutti di mare
    · New Orleans, Stati Uniti
    "The green pasta and mac n cheese are outstanding. I'd come back just for either one."
    Marleine PacilioMarleine Pacilio · Marzo 28, 2015
    Neo americano
    · New York, Stati Uniti