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Kunaal Arya

Kunaal Arya


San Francisco, CA
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  • Toronto
  • San Francisco
  • Mexico City
  • Tokyo
  • New York
  • Cuauhtémoc
  • New Orleans
  • Brooklyn
  • San Mateo
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Principali città di Kunaal
3 Liste create · 21 Consigli
San Francisco
5 Liste create · 13 Consigli
Mexico City
1 Lista creata · 3 Consigli
3 Liste create · 1 Consiglio
New York
3 Liste create · 1 Consiglio
1 Lista creata · 1 Consiglio
New Orleans
1 Lista creata · 1 Consiglio
2 Liste create
San Mateo
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Liste recenti di Kunaal
Kunaal Arya
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Kunaal Arya
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Kunaal Arya
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Kunaal Arya
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Kunaal Arya
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Kunaal Arya
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    Consigli recenti di Kunaal
    "Good bar. Good drinks."
    Kunaal AryaKunaal Arya · Dicembre 13, 2019
    · San Francisco, Stati Uniti
    "It’d be nice to not wait 15 mins for plain biscuit and gravy when the biscuits are sitting there and the gravy is sitting there."
    Kunaal AryaKunaal Arya · Agosto 3, 2018
    · Seattle, Stati Uniti
    "No credit cards accepted. This completely blew my mind. Ive never seen this before at a sit down restaurant. I cant believe they’d inconvenience customers just for a 2.9% bump. Money laundering?"
    Kunaal AryaKunaal Arya · Giugno 30, 2018
    · Toronto, Canada
    "$26 charge to use their potting soil. I dont know how they’re in business. Every other nursery lets you use their potting area for free. $26 here. Shop somewhere else on principle."
    Kunaal AryaKunaal Arya · Giugno 23, 2018
    Negozio di fiori
    · San Francisco, Stati Uniti
    "Great new spot for hot pot. It was my first time and the staff walked us through everything we needed to do and what our options were. We mostly used the spicy broth and had a bunch of pork and beef."
    Kunaal AryaKunaal Arya · Giugno 4, 2018
    · San Francisco, Stati Uniti
    "Bougie grocery store that thinks it’s too good to carry diet coke 😤😤😤😤"
    Kunaal AryaKunaal Arya · Maggio 21, 2018
    · San Francisco, Stati Uniti