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Kim Owens

Kim Owens


Traveler, writer, lover of record and bookstores, obscure art and street festivals, and getting lost in unfamiliar cities.

Los Angeles, CA
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  • San Francisco
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San Francisco
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Los Angeles
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Studio City
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Culver City
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Kim Owens
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Kim Owens
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Kim Owens
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Kim Owens
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Kim Owens
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Kim Owens
12 posti aggiornati Luglio 20, 2013
Places I checked out during The Great Escape Festival, from spots to have a bite, a cup of coffee with computer, to Sunday Roasts and of course, music clubs to leave your ears ringing.
    Consigli recenti di Kim
    "They lock the doors at 9:45pm. So if you're trying to squeeze in for a bite, you're out of luck.Must really be bent on getting out of there after the shift is done."
    Kim OwensKim Owens · Maggio 19, 2016
    · Denver, Stati Uniti
    "Despite what Foursquare says, they DO NOT have Wi-Fi. But the place outside is spacious and great for having a quiet meeting or conversation, to read and have lovey coffee. Service is friendly."
    Kim OwensKim Owens · Novembre 30, 2015
    Bar Caffè
    · Los Angeles, Stati Uniti
    "Filtered search for a place with Wi-Fi and dog-friendly. Got only the latter. Nice people but, the tuna melt was not melted and had the wrong cheese. 'For here' means pick up your food at counter."
    Kim OwensKim Owens · Agosto 20, 2015
    Bar Caffè
    · Santa Monica, Stati Uniti
    "Why Foursquare is categorizing this as a French restaurant when it's clearly Italian is odd. The staff is super friendly, including the owner who comes out to chat with patrons still, after 40 years."
    Kim OwensKim Owens · Luglio 17, 2014
    · Londra, Regno Unito
    "Super nice guys serving up tasty beverages. Free wifi. Comfy couches. Just what this girl needed."
    Kim OwensKim Owens · Marzo 8, 2013
    · Austin, Stati Uniti
    "The "breathtaking view" has been replaced with a view of the new condo building. But we knew that was coming. Still a great place for HH."
    Kim OwensKim Owens · Gennaio 18, 2013
    Neo americano
    · Denver, Stati Uniti