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    "Den Norske Husfliden is known for traditional Norwegian products since 1891. We recommend a reindeer fur seat mat—thick enough for hikes, picnics, and ski outings!"
    Jetset ExtraJetset Extra · Settembre 2, 2015
    Arte e artigianato
    · Oslo, Norvegia
    "Tucked just a couple blocks off Bourbon St. is the amazing Audubon Cottages. Behind a green garden fence in an unassuming white stucco wall, an arch of trees beckons you to a small saltwater pool."
    Jetset ExtraJetset Extra · Settembre 1, 2015
    · New Orleans, Stati Uniti
    "Stop by the so-called Flea Market, which is actually a collection of local crafts and colorful artisan pieces. It’s open until 1 a.m. for your late-night shopping pleasure."
    Jetset ExtraJetset Extra · Settembre 1, 2015
    Arte pubblica
    · New Orleans, Stati Uniti
    "Where else but New Orleans can you find a mobile, pop-up pirate ship that makes grilled pizza served by two guys named Matt and Matt dressed in pirate costumes … at midnight?"
    Jetset ExtraJetset Extra · Settembre 1, 2015
    Furgone gastronomia
    · New Orleans, Stati Uniti
    "The restaurant features such local treats as bratwurst jambalaya with a whole wall of hot sauces, plus crisp bacon, snow-white, perfectly done fried eggs, and thick buttermilk biscuits."
    Jetset ExtraJetset Extra · Settembre 1, 2015
    · New Orleans, Stati Uniti
    "They have, hands down, the best Bloody Mary I’ve ever drunk—and I should say eaten, since the garnishes (including pickled okra) were almost a meal."
    Jetset ExtraJetset Extra · Settembre 1, 2015
    · New Orleans, Stati Uniti