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Jason B

Jason B


I watch entirely too much TV. I'm an MMA fan (Just a fan. Neither hardcore, nor casual), like to visit interesting places, take photos when I can.

Garden Grove, CA
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  • Garden Grove
  • Anaheim
  • Los Angeles
  • Huntington Beach
  • Cypress
  • Buena Park
  • Seal Beach
  • Lake Forest
  • Yorba Linda
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Garden Grove
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20 Consigli
Los Angeles
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Huntington Beach
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11 Consigli
Buena Park
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Seal Beach
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Lake Forest
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Yorba Linda
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Carica altro
Jason B
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1 posto incluso Laguna Lake Park
Jason B
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34 posti incluso Manila Sunrise, Longboard Restaurant & Pub North Side, Garden Grove Community Garden, Uncle Pete's Cafe
Jason B
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179 posti incluso Rancho Las Lomas, The Home Depot, The Noypitz Bar & Grill, Cabrera's Mexican Cuisine
    Consigli recenti di Jason
    "All you can eat Brunch Buffet on Sunday’s!🤤"
    Jason BJason B · Ottobre 13
    · Pasadena, Stati Uniti
    "Forget to bring a power pack for your phone, AND it’s running low on juice? Hopefully, you brought a charging cable, and plug. There’s an outlet towards the back of the gift shop, behind a display."
    Jason BJason B · Ottobre 12
    · Huntington Beach, Stati Uniti
    "The place is undergoing renovations. It’s still open, though access to certain areas may be restricted. Cardio area was open yesterday, completely cut off today. Pay attention to the white board."
    Jason BJason B · Settembre 19
    Palestra / Fitness
    · Buena Park, Stati Uniti
    "There is much more to the Cathedral Mausoleum than just Valentino’s crypt!"
    Jason BJason B · Giugno 25
    · Los Angeles, Stati Uniti
    "Buy either a map of the grounds from the Flower Shop, book a tour with the Inimitable Ms. Karie Bible, or, buy my friend Steve Goldstein’s book: https://tinyurl.com/y59ogzxh"
    Jason BJason B · Giugno 25
    · Los Angeles, Stati Uniti
    "If you don’t see any Empanadas in the case, ask! If you forget, the lady at the counter just might ask you if you’d like some! She asked me😃!"
    Jason BJason B · Giugno 22
    · Carson, Stati Uniti