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Anastasia Giorgiova

Anastasia Giorgiova


Model. Bellydancer. Doctor. Designer. Fashionista. Gypsy. Lover of dance, fitness, fashion, travel, photography, food, wine, & music! <3

Los Angeles, CA
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  • Los Angeles
  • Santa Monica
  • Wilkes-Barre
  • Costa Mesa
  • Long Beach
  • Scranton
  • Fountain Valley
  • Williamsburg
  • Savannah
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Principali città di Anastasia
Los Angeles
1 Lista creata · 46 Consigli
Santa Monica
1 Lista creata · 16 Consigli
1 Lista creata · 13 Consigli
Costa Mesa
1 Lista creata · 10 Consigli
Long Beach
7 Consigli
1 Lista creata · 5 Consigli
Fountain Valley
1 Lista creata · 4 Consigli
5 Consigli
4 Consigli
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Liste recenti di Anastasia
Anastasia Giorgiova
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Anastasia Giorgiova
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Anastasia Giorgiova
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Anastasia Giorgiova
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Anastasia Giorgiova
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Anastasia Giorgiova
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    Consigli recenti di Anastasia
    "Important! “Soup of the day: WINE” ... everyone’s favorite! 🍷🍷🍷"
    Anastasia GiorgiovaAnastasia Giorgiova · Dicembre 9, 2018
    · Nashville, Stati Uniti
    "The kind staff here will fix your tire quickly AND prices are very affordable."
    Anastasia GiorgiovaAnastasia Giorgiova · Dicembre 9, 2018
    · Los Angeles, Stati Uniti
    "Its NOT 24 hours anymore, so the hours of operation generally no longer coincides with my weird work schedule. 👎🏼"
    Anastasia GiorgiovaAnastasia Giorgiova · Dicembre 9, 2018
    · Los Angeles, Stati Uniti
    "I assisted a friend in getting her designer Gucci jackets dry cleaned. They did a fantastic job getting out the wine stains & smoke smell from the casinos: bc sometimes not everything stays in Vegas."
    Anastasia GiorgiovaAnastasia Giorgiova · Dicembre 9, 2018
    · Los Angeles, Stati Uniti
    "My favorite 15 year old cowboy boots soles were worn to shreds. I brought them here & next day came to see they were fixed & looked BRAND NEW...Amazing!! I also had other shoes, a purse & belt fixed."
    Anastasia GiorgiovaAnastasia Giorgiova · Dicembre 9, 2018
    Non categorizzato
    · Los Angeles, Stati Uniti
    "Escargot, filet mignon, macaroons (pistachio & orange blossom), La Queen cake (chocolate cake, bergamot mousse, salted caramel) & Moroccan Cabernet were all excellent!! Foie gras is not my cup of tea."
    Anastasia GiorgiovaAnastasia Giorgiova · Dicembre 9, 2018
    · Los Angeles, Stati Uniti