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BostonU Journalism'14, @BUBand drum major and @BUWPE Bass Drum, 4sq masterchef (aka @4sqoncampus ambassador). Music, interwebz, creeping on people. It's life.

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Dee Hibbard
17 posti aggiornati Marzo 5, 2013
17 posti incluso Landbäckerei Schaub, Cafe Mann, Stadtcafe, Würzburg
Dee Hibbard
12 posti aggiornati Agosto 17, 2012
In honor of a soon-to-be blog collaboration with my lovely friend in Chicago, here's a list of the great coffee places I have or want to try in Boston. Expect a Chicago list (other cities too?) soon!
Dee Hibbard
10 posti aggiornati Novembre 20, 2012
10 posti incluso BerryLine, When Pigs Fly, Eastern Standard, Top of the Hub
Dee Hibbard
25 posti aggiornati Giugno 28, 2012
Your days will go by faster than ever. Since I have far too many days, but I want to get it all done in time, here's a short (well, long) list of Boston musts before leaving/graduating.
Dee Hibbard
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5 posti incluso Jamaica Plain, Beacon Street Tavern, The Middle East Downstairs, Samuel Adams Brewery
Dee Hibbard
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    "Learn more about BU Bands! Check bu.edu/bands for info on our all-campus ensembles or come visit the office betwen 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays to meet our office workers and bosses."
    Dee HibbardDee Hibbard · Aprile 16, 2014
    · Boston, Stati Uniti
    "CMJ's Station of the Year 2012! This station is where it's at for College Radio. Listen to The Fleshy Fresh live on Mondays 10pm-12am, www.wtburadio.org."
    Dee HibbardDee Hibbard · Marzo 5, 2013
    · Boston, Stati Uniti
    "This CityCo now serves Peet's coffee and has a new drink bar!"
    Dee HibbardDee Hibbard · Agosto 18, 2012
    · Boston, Stati Uniti
    "There's a Dunks and a Starbucks just past the food court by the AA 30s gates that serve Chicago, Dallas and Paris. Both expensive, but they have the normal selections."
    Dee HibbardDee Hibbard · Agosto 8, 2012
    · Boston, Stati Uniti
    "Quick, while it's warm! If you're sick of Mugar and the BU Beach is crowded, this park is a 5 minute walk from CFA, and a great place to do homework&hang out. Maybe you'll even spot Dean Elmore..."
    Dee HibbardDee Hibbard · Agosto 7, 2012
    · Brookline, Stati Uniti
    "This venue holds only a few hundred people, but seeing your favorite alternative/indie rock groups here feels like an acoustic set in your backyard thanks to it's size. Plus, most shows are only $15."
    Dee HibbardDee Hibbard · Agosto 7, 2012
    Rock club
    · Allston, Stati Uniti