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Danika Landers

Danika Landers


Brooklyn NY
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  • New York
  • Brooklyn
  • New Canaan
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • New Orleans
  • Napa
  • Las Vegas
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Principali città di Danika
New York
14 Liste create · 35 Consigli
9 Liste create · 29 Consigli
New Canaan
1 Lista creata · 5 Consigli
San Francisco
4 Liste create · 1 Consiglio
1 Lista creata · 4 Consigli
1 Lista creata · 3 Consigli
New Orleans
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2 Liste create · 1 Consiglio
Las Vegas
3 Consigli
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Liste recenti di Danika
Danika Landers
2 posti aggiornati Gennaio 14, 2020
2 posti incluso Tavern at GrayBarns, Miyuki Noodle Shop
Danika Landers
1 posti aggiornati Marzo 20, 2018
1 posto incluso Fishion Herb Center/Massage
Danika Landers
1 posti aggiornati Marzo 4, 2016
1 posto incluso Imanta Hotel And Resort
Danika Landers
6 posti aggiornati Dicembre 18, 2017
Best places to eat, drink and chill out on a roof in NYC
Danika Landers
33 posti aggiornati Settembre 30, 2018
33 posti incluso Fort Defiance, Okonomi, La Botaneria, Grand Republic Cocktail Club
Danika Landers
11 posti aggiornati Maggio 13, 2018
11 posti incluso Lavender Lake, Vinegar Hill House, Blueprint, Reynard
    Consigli recenti di Danika
    "The “green machine” smoothie is delish!"
    Danika LandersDanika Landers · Luglio 31, 2019
    Vegetariano / vegano
    · New Canaan, Stati Uniti
    "Best day of the week to come is Wednesday if you want to avoid the lines. After lunch is pretty good from my experience."
    Danika LandersDanika Landers · Marzo 13, 2019
    · Norwalk, Stati Uniti
    "Lobster tacos are more like batter with a little lobster. Also, no jalapeños in the taco which the menu said there would be. :( Just a filling not so exciting taco IMO. Too bad."
    Danika LandersDanika Landers · Febbraio 15, 2019
    · Isole Cayman
    "Sicilian Godfather... OMG yes."
    Danika LandersDanika Landers · Gennaio 14, 2019
    · New Canaan, Stati Uniti
    "If you’re looking for a “Vegas” vibe (loud DJ, most people drunk by noon) you have come to the right place. Otherwise, take your book to the lap pool for another mostly kid free lounge sitch."
    Danika LandersDanika Landers · Gennaio 1, 2019
    · Paradise Island, Bahamas
    "Avoiding all the kids? Come here! Cushioned lounge chairs + all the fitness center amenities right there."
    Danika LandersDanika Landers · Dicembre 30, 2018
    · Bahamas