Miriam Castillo

Miriam Castillo

You only live once by capturing moments, instead of dreaming I rather to explore the world, so I just get the camara and get the things happen

Guadalajara, Jalisco
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  • Guadalajara
  • Zapopan
  • Sahuayo de Morelos
  • Mexico City
  • Cuauhtémoc
  • Cuajimalpa
  • Miguel Hidalgo
  • San Miguel de Allende
  • Los Angeles
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Sahuayo de Morelos
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Mexico City
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Miguel Hidalgo
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San Miguel de Allende
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Los Angeles
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Miriam Castillo
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Miriam Castillo
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Miriam Castillo
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    Consigli recenti di Miriam
    "A shame that a good living space with opportunities for businesses and trade is affected by insecurity and crime @ZapopanGob @PabloLemusN @Chapalita_"
    Miriam CastilloMiriam Castillo · Gennaio 10, 2019
    · Guadalajara, Messico
    "Not open to a general public"
    Miriam CastilloMiriam Castillo · Dicembre 26, 2018
    Sito storico
    · Veracruz, Messico
    "The outdoor seating and view are worth it! One of the cool places at Boca del Rio"
    Miriam CastilloMiriam Castillo · Dicembre 21, 2018
    · Boca del Río, Messico
    "Night out, if you want Music perfomance and dance"
    Miriam CastilloMiriam Castillo · Agosto 20, 2018
    · San Miguel de Allende, Messico
    "Mama mia! food is not a good choice,the speciality pizza & pasta leave a lot to said cause you are going to be really dissapointed! if you want to enjoy a music perfomance and dance this is the place"
    Miriam CastilloMiriam Castillo · Agosto 20, 2018
    · Messico
    "They have psychologist and you can take sessions if you like,if you are graduate,the payment is significant"
    Miriam CastilloMiriam Castillo · Luglio 7, 2018
    · Zapopan, Messico