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Ali Hashem

Ali Hashem


Nomadic Journalist

Freetown, London, Beirut, Tehran
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Ali Hashem
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38 posti incluso Nikanas | نيكاناس, Jo Café | کافه ژو, Leem Café | کافه لیم, Orient Café and Pastry Shop | کافه قنادی اوریانت
Ali Hashem
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14 posti incluso Reera Café & Restaurant | کافه رستوران ری را, Mado, Tche Tche Café, Godot Café 469 | كافه گودو ۴۶۹
    Consigli recenti di Ali
    "Iraq deserves a better airport"
    Ali HashemAli Hashem · Marzo 9, 2019
    "The atmosphere at Opera Café, the wooden decoration, the street view, the mezzanine, all together creates a winter like mood that I love to experience in winter :) the food is ok, ginger tea is good!"
    Ali HashemAli Hashem · Luglio 28, 2017
    Bar Caffè
    · Teheran, Iran
    "Beautiful restaurant with friendly staff and tasty food, mixture of Iranian, Lebanese, and Turkish cuisine. Appetizers were good, I asked for Kubaba special as my main dish and didn't regret it."
    Ali HashemAli Hashem · Luglio 22, 2017
    "The atmosphere at Pushkin takes you back to the days Pushkin was alive, though the place isn't that old. The food was great, dessert extraordinary, I'll surely make it there any time I'm in Moscow."
    Ali HashemAli Hashem · Luglio 17, 2017
    · Mosca, Russia
    "Visiting Maiden's tower isn't only for enjoying the food, the place itself deserves being there, the feeling of being isolated in the middle of the sea. Food was great, staff friendly, I recommend"
    Ali HashemAli Hashem · Settembre 2, 2015
    · Istanbul, Turchia
    "Being at Lemo is a joy by itself, location wise and the whole stuff related to decoration and surrounding makes it the best in town especially in the summer. Food wise they are good but not the best."
    Ali HashemAli Hashem · Settembre 21, 2014