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ひろ文 is one of Japan/Kansai.

1. ひろ文

左京区鞍馬貴船町, Kyoto, 京都府
Ristorante giapponese · 6 consigli e recensioni

ntkondontkondo: 流しそうめんで有名です。

Kifune-Jinja Shrine is one of Japan/Kansai.

2. Kifune-Jinja Shrine

左京区鞍馬貴船町180, Kyoto, 京都府
Santuario · 左京区 · 32 consigli e recensioni

The Ritz-CarltonThe Ritz-Carlton: Kifune-jinja Shrine is an ancient shrine located in a village in the mountainous area north of Kyoto. The best-known feature is the well-worn stone staircase lined by distinctive red wooden lanterns.

Fushimi Inari Taisha is one of Japan/Kansai.

3. Fushimi Inari Taisha

伏見区深草藪之内町68, Kyoto, 京都府
Santuario · 339 consigli e recensioni

Hans H.Hans Haupt: At the top there is only another shrine; nothing more, not even a view. Instead, walk until you can see an overview of Kyoto city. After that, call it a day & visit another historical monument.

Kyogoku Kaneyo is one of Japan/Kansai.

4. Kyogoku Kaneyo

中京区松ヶ枝町456 (六角通京極東入), Kyoto, 京都府
Ristorante di unagi · 27 consigli e recensioni

Yi-Hsiu L.Yi-Hsiu Lee: 鰻魚飯專賣店!!!!通常大家都是點中間的「うなぎ丼」or「きんし丼」(=>這有加蛋),在這兩個之中,又以「きんし丼」算是它們的人氣特色餐點~

Suntory Yamazaki Distillery is one of Japan/Kansai.

5. Suntory Yamazaki Distillery

山崎5-2-1, 島本町, 大阪府
Distilleria · 島本町 · 50 consigli e recensioni

JustinJustin: If bookings for the tour and tasting are full, you can also check closer to your preferred date as people might cancel. ¥1000 per person, cash only. Eat something beforehand.

松坂牛焼肉 M 法善寺店はなれ is one of Japan/Kansai.

6. 松坂牛焼肉 M 法善寺店はなれ

中央区難波1-5-24 (ダルマビル2F), Osaka, 大阪府
Locale per barbecue · 中央区 · 29 consigli e recensioni

G Y.G Young: For first timers, try the assorted platter (~¥18,800, feeds 3). Top 3 picks: Ohtoro Karubi, M Ribeye, & the Big Sirloin Steak. Have to try at least once in your lifetime! (Skip the shopping!)

松阪牛焼肉M 法善寺横丁店 is one of Japan/Kansai.

7. 松阪牛焼肉M 法善寺横丁店

中央区難波1-1-19, Osaka, 大阪府
Locale per barbecue · 中央区 · 46 consigli e recensioni

JoyceJoyce: If you're a meat lover, skip the courses and order the plates. Beautiful and tender marbled beef! It's a little expensive, but worthy each cent. English speaker staff and menu.

Yoshino Sushi is one of Japan/Kansai.

8. Yoshino Sushi

淡路町3丁目4-14, 大阪市中央区, 大阪府
Ristorante sushi · 中央区 · 1 consiglio
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is one of Japan/Kansai.

9. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

右京区嵯峨小倉山田淵山町, Kyoto, 京都府
Sentiero · 198 consigli e recensioni

ブルーノブルーノ: Beautiful place if you need a break from Kyoto temples. Come early as it can get very crowded. The visit won't take too long so later you can head to Arashimaya town and have a nice lunch there.

Katsukura is one of Japan/Kansai.

10. Katsukura

(かつくら 三条本店)
中京区石橋町13 (三条通寺町東入ル), Kyoto, 京都府
Ristorante di tonkatsu · 75 consigli e recensioni

Ken H.Ken H: Order the famous pork chop and jumbo shrimp tempura set. Best in town. Also unlimited refills on rice and cabbages

Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama is one of Japan/Kansai.

11. Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama

(嵐山モンキーパーク いわたやま)
西京区嵐山元録山町8, Kyoto, 京都府
Zoo · 74 consigli e recensioni

Fred S.Fred Spofforth: Beautiful walk through the forest to get to a very close encounter with lots of monkeys. It is worth the very steep climb. There were lots of baby monkeys (born April to July)

Nara Park is one of Japan/Kansai.

12. Nara Park

登大路町30, Nara, 奈良県
Parco · 183 consigli e recensioni

YC C.YC Cheah: The deer are tame & friendly. You can feed, pet & take selfie with them. Deer biscuit for feeding cost 150¥. Watch where you step though, deer poop is omnipresent

Nijo-jo Castle is one of Japan/Kansai.

13. Nijo-jo Castle

中京区二条城町541 (二条通堀川西入), Kyoto, 京都府
Castello · 122 consigli e recensioni

YSA D.YSA Derma-Dental: ✩ Make sure that your camera takes good night shots to capture the cherry blossoms (Nijo Castle Nighttime Illumination is until 9:30pm)! ✩

Kuchu Teien Observatory is one of Japan/Kansai.

14. Kuchu Teien Observatory

北区大淀中1-1-88 (梅田スカイビル 39F-RF), Osaka, 大阪府
Luogo panoramico · 梅田 · 67 consigli e recensioni

Ceilidh S.Ceilidh Simpson: If you make it up about half an hour before sunset you can stay and get to see day & night views of Osaka, great way to get a feel for the city. At night UV lights make the walkway like a star-field!

Honke Owariya is one of Japan/Kansai.

15. Honke Owariya

(本家 尾張屋 本店)
中京区仁王門突抜町322 (車屋町通二条下る), Kyoto, 京都府
Ristorante di soba · 83 consigli e recensioni

echo h.echo h: Amazing soba noodles. Get the Hourai Soba, which has 5 stacks of soba noodles paired with 8 toppings. Simply fantastic!

Eikando Zenrin-ji is one of Japan/Kansai.

16. Eikando Zenrin-ji

(永観堂 禅林寺)
左京区永観堂町48, Kyoto, 京都府
Tempio Buddista · 22 consigli e recensioni

Eric D.Eric Dallemagne: The Eikan-do temple was my favorite in Kyoto. Although it is known for its spectacular grounds being colored by the autumn leaves, we visited it during the summer. It was still very pretty.

Shoraian is one of Japan/Kansai.

17. Shoraian

右京区嵯峨亀ノ尾町官有地内, Kyoto, 京都府
Ristorante di cucina kaiseki · 20 consigli e recensioni

Thijs v.Thijs van Schadewijk: Shorai menu (the middle one) is more than enough. But the Shofu menu gives you amazing tempura, wagyu beef and tofu gratin. If you’re here, I would go for the latter unless you’re a vegetarian.

Hikone Castle is one of Japan/Kansai.

18. Hikone Castle

金亀町1-1, 彦根市, 滋賀県
Castello · 彦根市 · 31 consigli e recensioni

NaoNao: 彦根城の観覧料は¥600ですが、Suica等の交通系ICカードで支払うと¥540(10%割引)になりますよ。

Lake Biwa is one of Japan/Kansai.

19. Lake Biwa

Lago · 26 consigli e recensioni

ナイトホーク へ(ё)へ f.ナイトホーク へ(ё)へ from 加賀百万石都市金沢: 日本一大きな湖。岸辺には湖岸道路が取り囲む。堅田周辺では鳥人間コンテスト、大津では花火大会が行われます。バス釣り、ルアー釣りスポットとしても知られる。1993年6月10日にラムサール条約に登録、2008年10月30日には指定区域を拡張した。

La Cime is one of Japan/Kansai.

20. La Cime

瓦町3-2-15 (本町河野ビル1F), 中央区, 大阪府
Ristorante francese · 3 consigli e recensioni

Indio B.Indio Bravo: over all it was great. very warm atmosphere and the service is gentle and honest. great care is given to its dishes. i liked the foie gras better than Hajime ... the pork could have been better

Master of beef Miyoshi is one of Japan/Kansai.

21. Master of beef Miyoshi

(にくの匠 三芳)
東山区祇園町南側570-15, Kyoto, 京都府
Ristorante giapponese · 祇園 · 4 consigli e recensioni
Pontocho is one of Japan/Kansai.

22. Pontocho

Kyoto, 京都府
Quartiere · 16 consigli e recensioni

Vincent T.Vincent Tan: Picturesque alley comes alive at night

Kinkaku-ji Temple is one of Japan/Kansai.

23. Kinkaku-ji Temple

(鹿苑寺 (金閣寺))
北区金閣寺町1, Kyoto, 京都府
Tempio Buddista · 196 consigli e recensioni

SamSam: Go early (like before 0800) and enjoy the lovely grounds before hoards of tourists descend later in the morning. Or, just before it closes; less crowd & nice light of the pavilion in the sunset!

Shomin is one of Japan/Kansai.

24. Shomin

(立ち飲み 庶民)
下京区四条大宮町18-6, Kyoto, 京都府
Bar da sake · 55 consigli e recensioni

Apos K.Apos Klgns: YOU MUST VISIT THIS PLACE!! Squeeze your self between the polite locals and try fresh and cheap sushi. Whatever we tried was super tasty (tempura,miso soup). People super friendly.

一碗水 is one of Japan/Kansai.

25. 一碗水

中央区安土町1-4-5 (大阪屋本町ビル1F), Osaka, 大阪府
Ristorante cinese · 中央区 · 1 consiglio
(食)ましか is one of Japan/Kansai.

26. (食)ましか

西区江戸堀1-19-15, Osaka, 大阪府
Ristorante · 西区 · 8 consigli e recensioni
Manger is one of Japan/Kansai.

27. Manger

陽光園2-3-22, 八尾市, 大阪府
Ristorante di tonkatsu · 12 consigli e recensioni

BorisBoris: The best tonkatsu I have ever had