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Ti Wu

Ti Wu


Made of Titanium

La Jolla, CA
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San Diego
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Los Angeles
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La Jolla
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Del Mar
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New York
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Ti Wu
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Ti Wu
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Ti Wu
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Ti Wu
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Ti Wu
21 posti aggiornati Marzo 16, 2019
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Ti Wu
34 posti aggiornati Giugno 28, 2019
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    Consigli recenti di Ti
    "Awesome location and great coffee!"
    Ti WuTi Wu · Dicembre 9, 2018
    · Del Mar, Stati Uniti
    "Sushi Omakase only. Authentic, which means it serves one or two sushis at a time from Chef’s hand to your plate. Price is fair comparing to other fancy sushi restaurants. A hidden gem in San Diego!"
    Ti WuTi Wu · Luglio 9, 2018
    · San Diego, Stati Uniti
    "The bar-like cucina lets people know how chefs make you delicious dishes. Dim-sum cart with Italian appetizers is such a brilliant idea: fun and irresistible. And don't forget to ask for some breads."
    Ti WuTi Wu · Luglio 9, 2018
    · San Diego, Stati Uniti
    "I always love stores that only give you few options on menu but focus to serve those items with high quality. Camellia is one of them! Use only real milk, honey boba, and authentic matcha from Japan!"
    Ti WuTi Wu · Dicembre 9, 2017
    Bubble Tea
    · San Diego, Stati Uniti
    "Nonna means "grandma", and this new sister restaurant of renowned Barbusa nearby serves cuisine as its name implies: grandma style, classic, not fancy yet delicious and comforting Italian dishes."
    Ti WuTi Wu · Novembre 5, 2017
    · San Diego, Stati Uniti
    "Döner fries is a must!"
    Ti WuTi Wu · Agosto 26, 2017
    · San Diego, Stati Uniti