Sugoi Niboshi Ramen Nagi

(すごい煮干ラーメン凪 新宿ゴールデン街店 本館)
Ristorante di ramen¥¥¥¥
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  • Alessandro M.
    Alessandro MingioneAprile 5, 2015
    Unique ramen with dried sardines. Strong flavor, quite bitter, best served with beer :D the food matches perfectly with the ambience, which fits perfectly in Kabukichō.
  • Tony X.
    Tony XerrayNovembre 25, 2013
    Crazy amazingly good ramen. Get the one that's 950Yen, its their specialty. The noodles are chewy, the egg is perfectly half-cooked, and the guys behind the counter are super awesome! Get a picture!
  • Ritti M.
    Ritti MOttobre 19, 2014
    ราเมนตรอก น้ำซุปทำจากปลาแห้ง กลิ่นคาวนิดหน่อยแต่อร่อย เดินเข้าซอยมาแล้วสังเกตโคมขาวแดง เวลาซื้อก็ขึ้นไปกดคูปองชั้นสอง มีเมนูภาษาอังกฤษในipad ให้ดู เสร็จแล้วลงไปต่อคิวข้างล่างในตรอกข้างๆร้าน
  • Fei L.
    Fei LuiFebbraio 4, 2016
    Very unique ramen experience! The ramen was sooo good. There is limited space and drop your bags at hotel before you go. Staircase is very narrow too.
  • Fuyuhiko T.
    Fuyuhiko TakayaOttobre 6, 2012
    座席数が12席程度と少ないので並びがあることが多く待たされます。味的には普通よりも少し美味しいという程度で、近所にあったら行くけどわざわざ食べにくるレベルにはない。全体的な印象としては座席数が少なくオペレーションが悪いので「結果的に」満席になって人気が人気を呼んでるという印象を受けた。English contents is available on official WEB-site. See ! Leggi tutto
  • Gi
    GiMaggio 25, 2015
    Yummy in my tummy!!In the middle of the golden gai you can find this amazing place where u can taste ramen with sardines broth. I found fantastic the tube to communicate with costumer from the 1 floor
  • monyurun も.
    monyurun もにゅるんGennaio 20, 2017
    超濃度ニボニボスープに太縮れ、しっとりピンクチャーシュー、大満足の一杯です。上にいったんというスーパーワイドが乗っていますが、これを3本(むしろ枚)増量無料。大盛り無料。味、辛さ、ゆで具合カスタム可能。  追加トッピング海苔がものすごくて、まるまる一枚刺さってきます。
  • John N.
    John NiedermeyerDicembre 10, 2017
    Delicious and rich niboshi-style ramen, made with pork and small dried anchovies. Get your ticket from the machine and then talk to the staff about portions, firmness, etc.
  • Jason F.
    Jason FongFebbraio 16, 2015
    Don't worry about language, just join the queue and wait to be ushered upstairs to the vending machine. There's one huge button for a standard serving plus several small ones for extra toppings.
  • Maŗċ D.
    Maŗċ DéİèżęMaggio 18, 2017
    Great 24/7 Ramen 🍜 in the middle of Golden Gai. They top it with small spicy sardines.
  • irenesco
    irenescoGiugno 6, 2017
    Definitely worth the wait - fresh noodles - choose size (S, M, L) for same ¥
  • Tanawat W.
    Tanawat WansomDicembre 12, 2016
    Fish broth ramen. Wait in tiny ally to get your cue to 2nd floor ramen place. Probably the best in Tokyo!!!
  • Olivier M.
    Olivier MichallatSettembre 1, 2013
    Packed but delicious. Wait downstairs for the waiter, then he takes you to the machine to order, and then you wait again outside until the food is ready.
  • B T.
    B TOttobre 23, 2014
    One of the finest bowls of ramen I've had. Flavorful broth with two types of noodles. Unique, bold, and delicious.
  • Saharat C.
    Saharat ChulroekNovembre 8, 2013
    Located in the alley, second floor, quite difficult to find, there are not many spaces but worth trying
  • konpan
    konpanLuglio 28, 2015
    煮干ラーメンの最高到達点。煮干しの香ばしさとうどんみたいな太麺小麦食べてます感が味わえる。外国人の来店も多く、店員のhow many people⁇を1分に1回楽しめる。店内に至る階段では頭、足元にお気をつけて。
  • Andrew T.
    Andrew ThongGiugno 4, 2016
    Vending machine only takes 1000 bills. Special ramen is regular plus aji tama, nori and another chunk of pork.
  • Stefan E.
    Stefan ErschwendnerDicembre 2, 2014
    Maybe the best Ramen I had in Japan - super tasty. Authentic atmosphere and funny staff.
  • Serious Eats
    Serious EatsSettembre 9, 2013
    The sign outside says "If you don't like niboshi, please don't come in." Expect a bitter ramen broth made from dried sardines.
  • John A.
    John AshendenGiugno 29
    The Super Golden is great, but a lot. Go for the Golden and a beer and you’re set.
  • Lloyd B.
    Lloyd BagtasAprile 15, 2015
    Delicious ramen order from the vending machine.
  • Laia T.
    Laia TutzoSettembre 9, 2013
    Great classical ramen option close to Shinjuku Golden Gai. Standard for 850
  • 市井 真.
    市井 真太郎Dicembre 25, 2015
    1Fの路地裏でまちます。階段は細いので、無理にいかないこと。出る人を優先しないと、マナー違反です^^  一反もめんと呼ばれるきしめんの5倍ぐらいのひらひらしたは、箸休めとして途中までとっておくのがおすすめ。いつもお世話になっております
  • 高手놀리밑™
    高手놀리밑™Settembre 19, 2014
    Great ramen but very small place and can be hard to find
  • Vincent T.
    Vincent TanFebbraio 14, 2015
    The ramen has changed a bit. Still good though
  • Audrey P.
    Audrey PâquetteLuglio 6, 2016
    C'est bon! Dans les top 10, mais en vrai tous les ramens spot sont bon!
  • Michael Z.
    Michael ZhongSettembre 13, 2016
    It's pretty good but not amazing. Fish-like broth is unique
  • Shin C.
    Shin ChaichanavichakitDicembre 25, 2013
    The place is very small so do not bring your shopping bags there. Good ramen.
  • Sam E.
    Sam ElliottMaggio 24
    sardine based ramen, tasty, but the place is literally a tight squeeze.
  • kiwi t.
    kiwi tayGiugno 12, 2014
    What an experience! Very yummy!
  • Jonathan G.
    Jonathan GottfriedDicembre 22, 2013
    Really awesome ramen place with very tight quarters
  • Benjamin W.
    Benjamin WiederkehrSettembre 29, 2014
    The Niboshi Ramen are delicious.
  • Shawn C.
    Shawn ChengAprile 22, 2014
    Talk about hold in the wall. Damn good.
  • ELNINO エ.
    ELNINO エルニーノAgosto 23, 2012
  • Aki Y.
    Aki YoshimizuAgosto 9, 2014
    Hot ramen noodle on a hot day
  • 俊光 坂.
    俊光 坂入Luglio 30, 2016
  • (TAT)chaN
    (TAT)chaNSettembre 11, 2014
  • Alex T.
    Alex TingMarzo 29, 2013
    Go upstairs, ask for the English menu, insert money and order on the vending machine, go back outside to wait to be called via the tube by the alley. It's crazy, but just do it :)
  • Angel R.
    Angel RodriguezMarzo 21, 2016
    Excellent staff and ramen!
  • Chun
    ChunOttobre 25, 2013
    Buy a food ticket before if there is a line!
  • あきづき
    あきづきGennaio 24, 2015
    はカタがいいがオススメかなぁ いかにもスープにお金がかかってるって感じ
  • Alejandro R.
    Alejandro RamosOttobre 19, 2014
    Terrible attention. Didn't serve us and kept pushing us to the end of the wait line. Seems they have issues serving foreigners.
  • Sushi S.
    Sushi SushiAprile 27, 2015
  • Yusuke K.
    Yusuke KubonoDicembre 30, 2014
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
  • esuya
    esuyaMarzo 26, 2013
    È stato qui più di 10 volte
    ガツンと煮干しを効かせたスープに、極太の縮れ。美味い! 24時間営業しているので便利。
  • Sak
    SakGennaio 25, 2014
  • sakanaya R.
    sakanaya RBNovembre 10, 2016
  • Jason F.
    Jason FongFebbraio 16, 2015
    Niboshi, duh.
  • torikasyu
    torikasyuAgosto 24, 2013
  • Tinnitant Geoffrey “Tingle” S.
    EP. 06.......
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