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Little Scrapes

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London, UK
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Little Scrapes
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Little Scrapes
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    Consigli recenti di Little Scrapes
    "Tuna salad ciabatta £2.95. Standard sandwich choices from mostly white bread groups, so if you crave wholemeal expect to be disappointed. Laconic service."
    Little ScrapesLittle Scrapes · Giugno 21, 2018
    Bar Caffè
    · Bristol, Regno Unito
    "Beware in the next few weeks the rail ticket machines at the north western end of the station by the H&C lines are moving to the taxi rank, wherever that is 🙄 More stress, more chaos."
    Little ScrapesLittle Scrapes · Giugno 21, 2018
    Stazione ferroviaria
    · Londra, Regno Unito
    "Excellent flexible meeting venue. Breakfast pastries, inventive vegetable, bean and pulse lunches with traditional meat and starch options for those who still eat like it's the 1970s."
    Little ScrapesLittle Scrapes · Giugno 16, 2018
    Spazio per eventi
    · Londra, Regno Unito
    "Perfect in the Summer when you can eat and drink in the rear garden. Ideal spot for family lunches, dinners. Staff are welcoming and will accommodate the indecision and chaos that family groups bring."
    Little ScrapesLittle Scrapes · Giugno 10, 2018
    Frutti di mare
    · Abingdon, Regno Unito
    "Modest selection of Sephora own brand products, but worth a rummage to find new products to experiment with."
    Little ScrapesLittle Scrapes · Giugno 5, 2018
    · Genova, Italia
    "If you exit on platform 1 you can end up in the car park via a ramp. At the foot of the ramp, look left and head back into the station for tea, coffee, snacks or a wee (by platform 2 - ask the staff)."
    Little ScrapesLittle Scrapes · Giugno 3, 2018
    Stazione ferroviaria
    · Didcot, Regno Unito