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Kiana Lynn

Kiana Lynn


San Francisco, CA
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  • San Francisco
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San Francisco
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Los Angeles
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Las Vegas
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San Mateo
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San Jose
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San Diego
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Kiana Lynn
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Kiana Lynn
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Kiana Lynn
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Kiana Lynn
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Kiana Lynn
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Kiana Lynn
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    Consigli recenti di Kiana
    "Farm to table, loved learning about the Hawaiian farms who supplied ali’i mushrooms and purple sweet potatoes. Loved that they also have Roy’s famous miso butterfish ❤️. Everything was delicious!"
    Kiana LynnKiana Lynn · Ottobre 14, 2018
    · Kula, Stati Uniti
    "I come here to treat myself when I’m feeling a little sluggish. On a Tuesday morning, it was as nice and quiet and just as clean and relaxing as it always is. Jonathan B. Is a fantastic masseuse!"
    Kiana LynnKiana Lynn · Agosto 14, 2018
    Centro termale
    · San Francisco, Stati Uniti
    "Luckily came on a day with no wait, but even then did not live up to the hype. Just simple basic ramen."
    Kiana LynnKiana Lynn · Febbraio 27, 2017
    · San Mateo, Stati Uniti
    "Coffee quality is good, but pricey for what is a much smaller latte than I could get anywhere else. Why are the cups so tiny?"
    Kiana LynnKiana Lynn · Febbraio 27, 2017
    · San Francisco, Stati Uniti
    "Was disappointed in the Mom's coconut soup w/ raw onions, mushrooms that had already turned brown and a very sweet and potent broth. The KS Seafood soup was ordered mild and still extremely spicy."
    Kiana LynnKiana Lynn · Febbraio 21, 2017
    · San Francisco, Stati Uniti
    "Homemade cheese ravioli with bolognese"
    Kiana LynnKiana Lynn · Febbraio 19, 2017
    · San Francisco, Stati Uniti