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Jana A. Kri

Jana A. Kri

Prague 5
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Jana A. Kri
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Jana A. Kri
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Jana A. Kri
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    Consigli recenti di Jana A. Kri
    "Absolutely disastrous service, the staff is not aware what hospitality is, and the whole business here is stuck in deep 1990s."
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · 7 ore fa
    · Berlino, Germania
    "Beer selection is nothing special. A lot of average (boring) beers, and a few local gems. They (prefer not to) accept cards. And the heavy metal music is definitely not made for a superb atmosphere."
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · 5 giorni fa
    · Mosca, Russia
    "Best things about this place is its interior and location (really picturesque surroundings). Coffee is so-so, but I appreciated the thought about this café and large plant “milks” selection."
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · 3 settimane fa
    Bar Caffè
    · Düsseldorf, Germania
    "Disastrous service! It feels like the staff just dropped in from working in a beauty salon. That’s a pity, because the place is nice and the desserts are amazing. Coffee - Italian standard."
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · Ottobre 29, 2020
    Bar Caffè
    · Praga, Repubblica Ceca
    "Potentially the best coffee in Brno. Their V60 is mastered to the T. Great seasonal specials: espresso+crodino in summer, Earl Grey Irish Coffee in winter. Minimalist, yet you don’t need more."
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · Gennaio 18, 2020
    · Brno, Repubblica Ceca
    "Best Korean in town. It’s refreshing to see something else than Bibimbap or Bulgogi. Rice cakes and Korean ramen are recommendable. Authentic and atmospheric, you even ring a bell to make an order."
    Jana A. KriJana A. Kri · Gennaio 18, 2020
    · Praga, Repubblica Ceca