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Samantha Yuen

Samantha Yuen

dreaming of parallel worlds

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Kuala Lumpur
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Ho Chi Minh City
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Samantha Yuen
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Samantha Yuen
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Samantha Yuen
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Samantha Yuen
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Samantha Yuen
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Samantha Yuen
11 posti aggiornati Ottobre 7, 2018
11 posti incluso The Fatty Bao, NIMHANS brain museum, National Gallery of Modern Arts, Vidhana Soudha
    Consigli recenti di Samantha
    "Great value foot or head shoulder massages (350baht for 60 mins) if you don’t mind sitting close to others or the smell of medicated oil."
    Samantha YuenSamantha Yuen · 2 settimane fa
    Centro massaggi
    · คลองเตย, Thailandia
    "still gives me joy every time I visit KL. be sure to add enoki mushrooms!"
    Samantha YuenSamantha Yuen · Luglio 26
    · Kuala Lumpur, Malesia
    "the overpriced beef pho (140K dong!) was surprisingly decent for airport food both in broth and beef fillet quality."
    Samantha YuenSamantha Yuen · Luglio 23
    · Vietnam
    "The kind of broth your soul needs on a rainy or shitty day. Well worth the walk."
    Samantha YuenSamantha Yuen · Luglio 20
    · Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    "Sad steak with no flavor, Thousand Island-dressed salad. A far cry from their (now-closed) restaurant."
    Samantha YuenSamantha Yuen · Luglio 29, 2018
    · Marina, Singapore
    "Guangzhou's first Small Luxury Hotel looks great but falls short on the details - thermostat that doesn't work, lack of work desk, staff grumbling I paid cash and they now have to find change 🤷‍♀️"
    Samantha YuenSamantha Yuen · Dicembre 14, 2017
    B & B
    · Canton, Cina