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New York
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Forest Hills
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San Francisco
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Rory Parness
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Rory Parness
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Rory Parness
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    Consigli recenti di Rory
    "Poor service, poor food. Shame as music is good"
    Rory ParnessRory Parness · Ottobre 22
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "I mean, it's a big waterfall so what can be bad. Stay on that road to the end for a breathtaking drive to a small beach town"
    Rory ParnessRory Parness · Settembre 4
    · Isole Fær Øer
    "The lemon sole was fantastic and the views are not bad either"
    Rory ParnessRory Parness · Settembre 4
    · Isole Fær Øer
    "Beautiful village. Make sure you walk down to the gorge (the town translates to the gorge) and eat at the inn. Surprisingly good food for the middle of nowhere"
    Rory ParnessRory Parness · Settembre 4
    · Isole Fær Øer
    "You know, not bad for Faroe pizza. Skip the buffet unless you like it luke warm. Get the Sgt Pepper or the one with lots of pepperoni"
    Rory ParnessRory Parness · Settembre 4
    · Isole Fær Øer
    "Don't know what they call it but the flaky square pastry with the creamy center, yeah, that's the one"
    Rory ParnessRory Parness · Settembre 4
    · Isole Fær Øer