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Alan Hale
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Alan Hale
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Alan Hale
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Alan Hale
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Alan Hale
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    "Splurge and get a private tour guide. Ask for Baska. Amazing experience. If you are in Hawaii the first time, you HAVE to do all of the cheesy stuff."
    Alan HaleAlan Hale · Gennaio 13
    Centro culturale
    · Lā‘ie, Stati Uniti
    "The brisket was delicious. Great chicken katsu. The macaroni salad was a major disappointment, literally void of any flavor. Loved the bacon fried rice. Other than that, great place!"
    Alan HaleAlan Hale · Marzo 4, 2018
    · Parker, Stati Uniti
    "The fried chicken tenderloins are great. Not really seasoned but the texture and cook is primo. Get the Jalapeño gravy."
    Alan HaleAlan Hale · Ottobre 15, 2017
    · Denver, Stati Uniti
    "I find no difference between this and like a Panda Express. I thought it was like to order but it seems as though it was prepared in the back as it came out like in minutes. Decent but forgettable."
    Alan HaleAlan Hale · Ottobre 8, 2017
    · Salt Lake City, Stati Uniti
    "Went here for Chicken Fried Steak. Unimpressed. Quite bland and dry. What to come back for is the Scones."
    Alan HaleAlan Hale · Ottobre 7, 2017
    Tavola Calda
    · Heber, Stati Uniti
    "Been looking for a good Asian buffet since I moved over here from California. Definitely will be coming back. Great selection, Mongolian grill, and more."
    Alan HaleAlan Hale · Giugno 16, 2017
    · Denver, Stati Uniti