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NYC since 2006. Been to all 50 states! ✅

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Nate S
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Here Are the 2015 Michelin Stars for New York City
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    "Hidden gem! Tiny gay bar you’d pass by and never know is here. Entrance is a door near the Sayat-Nova sign and up carpeted stairs — average age: 40s/50s. Good music, good conversations - cash only."
    Nate SNate S · 6 giorni fa
    Bar per gay
    · Chicago, Stati Uniti
    "Good for a group of 6-8 people. “Conversation pit” type of seating allows everyone to talk to each other. Drinks are just ok — fine if in the area for a nightcap, but don’t go out of your way."
    Nate SNate S · 1 settimana fa
    · Chicago, Stati Uniti
    "A lot of these reviews are for the old Black Iris. They relocated in 2022."
    Nate SNate S · 2 settimane fa
    Medio oriente
    · Brooklyn, Stati Uniti
    "LGBTQ, clothing-optional campground. Large pool. No restaurant or bar onsite, so BYOB."
    Nate SNate S · 2 settimane fa
    · East Stroudsburg, Stati Uniti
    "Go, just go if you’re visiting the Poconos - we came here two days in a row. Recommend the western omelet with cheesecake pancakes on the side."
    Nate SNate S · 2 settimane fa
    Tavola Calda
    · Stroudsburg, Stati Uniti
    "Waiting area with wifi if you want to do some work while you wait. They do NYS inspection. I come here for basic auto repair (oil change, tires, batteries). Their pricing is fair/professional staff."
    Nate SNate S · 3 settimane fa
    Officina riparazioni auto
    · Brooklyn, Stati Uniti