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I'm semi vegetarian.I don't eat meat! I love coffee, desserts,beautiful things, sport, etno & classic music, brand shoes, my dogs and & my vegetarian friends!

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    "As always there is something to see. This time I was pleased with the exhibition of Helmut Newton. The price of 1 ticket is 14$."
    Natalya ShantyNatalya Shanty · Febbraio 5
    Museo d'arte
    · San Pietroburgo, Russia
    "This is the best place out of Moscow on the way to Polenovo. There is tasty & price is reasonable. Of course I recommend to try the rolls. Its are delicious. Average check f2persons-60$. Wi-fi."
    Natalya ShantyNatalya Shanty · Agosto 10, 2021
    Bar Caffè
    · Тульская обл., Russia
    "The wildest park which I have ever seen in Moscow. It looks like real forest.There is nice beach with the special sun loungers & the quite pure water.Unfortunately, there’s no cafeterias. Close to MRT"
    Natalya ShantyNatalya Shanty · Agosto 8, 2021
    "Wonderful peaceful place fare awey from Moscow. The place quite famous by the people. For example like Paustovsky Tsvetaeva etc. Captivating view on the Oka river. You can get here by car, bus, train."
    Natalya ShantyNatalya Shanty · Agosto 6, 2021
    "Quite peaceful place with authentic Ukrainian - Jewish cuisine.The veranda is quite nice. Staff is friendly. Average bill for 2= 58.356$"
    Natalya ShantyNatalya Shanty · Luglio 21, 2021
    · Mosca, Russia
    "In every way is cool place, just except a constant crowd of people.But it’s understandable - bar is quite popular.Wonderfully, you can taste here the beyondmeat🍔 & beyondmeat🌭. Average bill f2-30$."
    Natalya ShantyNatalya Shanty · Marzo 4, 2021
    · Mosca, Russia