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Italian living in Dublin but also in other places;) Loves good food, good company and checking in all the right places:)

Dublin, Ireland
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Elisabetta Di Reda
4 posti aggiornati Ottobre 11, 2018
4 posti incluso Piazza Duomo, Pasticceria Savia, Villa Bellini, Piazza Università
Elisabetta Di Reda
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Elisabetta Di Reda
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Elisabetta Di Reda
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Elisabetta Di Reda
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Elisabetta Di Reda
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    Consigli recenti di Elisabetta
    "Filled with history and culture. If you don't have much time catch a daily tour in town by the Duomo or search on Facebook for events, there seem to be many in town."
    Elisabetta Di RedaElisabetta Di Reda · 23 ore fa
    · Italia
    "You need to catch a bus from terminal 1 to 2, it might take some time. Terminal 2 way smaller than 1. Overall the staff is very slow and almost not caring. Toilets to avoid. Of course good food!!"
    Elisabetta Di RedaElisabetta Di Reda · 23 ore fa
    · el Prat de Llobregat, Spagna
    "Super nice place, well located close to the Duomo and to the airport bus. Owner extremely nice, decor young and vibrant. Free coffee and water at all time in reception, good Wi-Fi."
    Elisabetta Di RedaElisabetta Di Reda · 23 ore fa
    "Nice coffee place overlooking Catania's Duomo. If you prefer salt food have an Arancino if you prefer sweet, have a cannolo, both typical from Catania! For coffee have a gingsen!!"
    Elisabetta Di RedaElisabetta Di Reda · 23 ore fa
    Bar Caffè
    · Catania, Italia
    "Food is good with good portions however is difficult to book, is loud and marketing deceitful. Menus will drive u to buy at least 2 plates & the beef has a 8€ side dish wihch gets served by default!🤑"
    Elisabetta Di RedaElisabetta Di Reda · 4 giorni fa
    · Dublin, Irlanda
    "Great sushi very light and the place is run by Japanese. Only observation is quite dear and if you order out ask for extra soya sauce."
    Elisabetta Di RedaElisabetta Di Reda · 3 settimane fa
    · Milano, Italia