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Olga K.

Olga K.

Moscow, Russia
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  • Moscow
  • New York
  • Saint Petersburg
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  • Watkins Glen
  • Florence
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Principali città di Olga
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New York
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Saint Petersburg
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3 Consigli
3 Consigli
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Watkins Glen
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2 Consigli
Los Angeles
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Carica altro
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Olga K.
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Olga K.
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Olga K.
10 posti aggiornati Maggio 6, 2019
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Olga K.
22 posti aggiornati Luglio 29, 2019
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Olga K.
160 posti aggiornati Luglio 9, 2019
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Olga K.
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    Consigli recenti di Olga
    "Cappuccino was so bad I had to toss it 🥵 and why would you want fake flowers as decor? that’s just cheap...liked a yellow cup and an outside table"
    Olga K.Olga K. · 3 giorni fa
    · Mosca, Russia
    "Really cool idea of decorated lattes where you know exactly how your coffee was brought together. Great friendly staff."
    Olga K.Olga K. · Luglio 15
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "Open window seating and beyond amazing coffee. Everything is delicious, so many options! Service is really fast, lightning speed"
    Olga K.Olga K. · Aprile 22
    Bar Caffè
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "Pastries are all to die for, superbly delicious and all are homemade. There is wine, there is Georgian food, great herbal teas, always different. THE HOST!!! This woman is amazing! Buy homemade jams!"
    Olga K.Olga K. · Gennaio 7
    Bar Caffè
    · Georgia
    "A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!! The food is absolutely delicious. Khinkali and kharcho is must try. Khachapuri adzharuli is love. Service is great and pretty fast. GO HERE NOW! The place is very popular"
    Olga K.Olga K. · Gennaio 5
    · Gudauri, Georgia
    "Ice Late is magic! Love the coffee - milk balance"
    Olga K.Olga K. · Settembre 9, 2018
    · New York, Stati Uniti