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Nguyen Tram

Nguyen Tram


Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
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Nguyen Tram
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Nguyen Tram
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    Consigli recenti di Nguyen
    "We are selling cosmetics and shoes for women ! Good quality but nice price 👍"
    Nguyen TramNguyen Tram · Agosto 9, 2014
    Centro commerciale
    · Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
    "Best Chinese food shop at Florence. Cheap price, damn delicious . Recommended dishes : Spicy fish."
    Nguyen TramNguyen Tram · Luglio 15, 2013
    · Firenze, Italia
    "Good location, near by station, china food shop, auto laundry, beach and shopping ..love to stay here !"
    Nguyen TramNguyen Tram · Luglio 10, 2013
    "Phòng lạnh mở cửa bước vô quay đầu chạy ko kịp - khói thuốc mù mịt . Phòng lạnh mà cho hút thuốc ????????"
    Nguyen TramNguyen Tram · Marzo 21, 2013
    Bar Caffè
    · Vietnam
    "They charge the wifi . What a pity ! Cuz this is a nice hotel,nice place ... Young general like us can not live without technology - wifi is the most wanted !Rate from 1 to 5,i give you 3 insteed of 5"
    Nguyen TramNguyen Tram · Dicembre 26, 2012
    Club vacanze
    · Kuah, Malesia
    "Chưa từng thấy thủ tục hành chính nào mang tính chất hành xác như vậy ... Tiền thuế thu thì nhanh mà tiền trả BHXH thì lề mề phát ốm.."
    Nguyen TramNguyen Tram · Ottobre 22, 2012
    Non categorizzato
    · Vietnam