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Erik Rowley


I travel a lot for work and love to explore. Currently working on launching a travel blog, will post soon!

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St Louis
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Kansas City, Platte County, MO, United States
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Des Moines
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Los Angeles
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Erik Rowley
147 posti aggiornati Gennaio 14, 2019
147 posti incluso Herbs & Rye, Holsteins Shakes and Buns, Excalibur Hotel & Casino, Peppermill Restaurant
Erik Rowley
62 posti aggiornati Gennaio 10, 2019
Bars and nightclubs I have yet to try. A personal to do list!
Erik Rowley
21 posti aggiornati Gennaio 5, 2019
Because Foursquare is now limiting 200 spots per list, this is a continuation of GA locations.
Erik Rowley
75 posti aggiornati Ottobre 18, 2018
A Personal Bucket list of places I have yet to experience in the USA.
Erik Rowley
46 posti aggiornati Gennaio 21, 2019
46 posti incluso Gene & Georgetti, Antique Taco, Ricobene's, Italian Village
Erik Rowley
102 posti aggiornati Luglio 2, 2018
The tallest two buildings found in all 50 states!
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    "Tucked away in a suburban strip mall, these are the best egg rolls I’ve had in Chicago so far! Fresh tea, hot&sour soup on a lazy Susan for group get-togethers. Enjoyed the cashew chicken."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · 1 giorno fa
    · Roselle, Stati Uniti
    "I was born in Cedar Rapids, IA where Quaker Oats is based and grew up on Oat Meal. I never thought I would admit I liked grits until I had a fresh bowl here with brown sugar and butter."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · 1 giorno fa
    · Arlington Heights, Stati Uniti
    "Taso & his wife Tina have been running this place for over 35 years (hence the name T&T). Bird houses adorn the walls, a collection that Taso acquired from an old bar he managed long ago."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · 1 giorno fa
    · Arlington Heights, Stati Uniti
    "The classic cafe where you press up to the counter on a stool and watch the sausage, eggs, & patties sizzling on the grill. Locals reading newspapers, staff friendly as can be. I love this place."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · 1 giorno fa
    · Arlington Heights, Stati Uniti
    "The Italian subs are fantastic and I love the mid 20th century Americana theme. Enter in through a brightly lit juke box. Service was extremely kind."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · 4 giorni fa
    Deli / Bodega
    · Carol Stream, Stati Uniti
    "One of the most tranquil and inspiring places on Earth. Get lost roaming the halls, easily plan to spend half a day here. A must visit in Chicago."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · 5 giorni fa
    Museo d'arte
    · Chicago, Stati Uniti