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Ivy Mahsciao

Ivy Mahsciao


New York-based mind architect ➰ Revealer of realities ➰ Futurist guardian of the art of breaking bread. @ivy.mahsciao

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New York
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São Paulo
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New Orleans
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Hong Kong
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Rio de Janeiro
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Ivy Mahsciao
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Ivy Mahsciao
1 posti aggiornati Gennaio 27, 2015
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Ivy Mahsciao
39 posti aggiornati Febbraio 16, 2016
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Ivy Mahsciao
30 posti aggiornati Gennaio 27, 2015
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Ivy Mahsciao
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Ivy Mahsciao
1 posti aggiornati Gennaio 2, 2018
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    Consigli recenti di Ivy
    "Everything is out of this world delicious. The amazing service and pure happiness of this place makes you want to stay forever — Some of the best tacos I’ve ever had!"
    Ivy MahsciaoIvy Mahsciao · 3 settimane fa
    · Costa Rica
    "Top-notch hospitality, ambience, and views, all with the added luxury and comforts of great restaurants and a spa. The sunrises & sunsets over the golf course is what keeps on bringing me back."
    Ivy MahsciaoIvy Mahsciao · Giugno 21
    Campo da golf
    · Aventura, Stati Uniti
    "Piggy Mac is the jam topped with pancakes. A side of meat plate and it’s oooh delish dreamy nap time."
    Ivy MahsciaoIvy Mahsciao · Febbraio 12
    · Nashville, Stati Uniti
    "This is a decadent and flavorful seafood omelette — Fluffy, perfectly cooked omelette blankets a generous portion of crawfish, crab, and shrimp. Hearty gumbo and homey grits perfect this dish."
    Ivy MahsciaoIvy Mahsciao · Novembre 29, 2017
    Cajun / creolo
    · New Orleans, Stati Uniti
    "I tried to take the 'before' pic but it's that good - The Vegan: avo + hummus + tomato + spinach on grilled house pita, from a very R&D/nutrition-driven menu. Happy staff and healthy bites."
    Ivy MahsciaoIvy Mahsciao · Luglio 22, 2017
    Juice bar
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "Sunny and vibrant, this place has the best vibes no matter the time of day. Sit in a slouchy chair in the elevated window nook), order yourself avocado toasts + chai latte - the best mood lifter ever."
    Ivy MahsciaoIvy Mahsciao · Marzo 20, 2017
    · Brooklyn, Stati Uniti