Dick Traveling

Dick Traveling

Worth my weight in Unobtanium.

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  • Grand Rapids
  • Traverse City
  • Mobile
  • Marquette
  • Kentwood
  • San Antonio
  • Caledonia
  • Wyoming
  • Muskegon
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Grand Rapids
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Traverse City
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San Antonio
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Dick Traveling
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Dick Traveling
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A list to capture namesake places I'd like to chick-in to.
Dick Traveling
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Dick Traveling
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Dick Traveling
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    Consigli recenti di Dick
    "According to the present-day Wayland City Manager, this was the location of a long gone Dog n Suds!"
    Dick TravelingDick Traveling · 1 settimana fa
    Punto di riferimento
    · Wayland, Stati Uniti
    "Wish I knew the origin of this."
    Dick TravelingDick Traveling · 1 settimana fa
    Punto di riferimento
    · Wayland, Stati Uniti
    "This is how all rest areas should be!"
    Dick TravelingDick Traveling · Aprile 25
    Aree di sosta
    · Auburn, Stati Uniti
    "What a dump."
    Dick TravelingDick Traveling · Aprile 2
    Area di sosta per camion
    · Elm Mott, Stati Uniti
    "The "Then & Now" plaque at the site says it all. The monument/marker is actually about 140 feet south of true 45.0 North. Not bad for what the earlier surveyors had to work with!"
    Dick TravelingDick Traveling · Marzo 13
    Punto di riferimento
    · Perry, Stati Uniti
    "FWIW, this restaurant is actually 498 miles from Havana. 🙄"
    Dick TravelingDick Traveling · Marzo 8
    · Jacksonville, Stati Uniti