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When I eat, I unleash my Inner Panda! 📩 insatiablepanda247@gmail.com 📷🐷 IG / Zomato: @insatiablepanda247

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Patrick Unson
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Patrick Unson
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    Consigli recenti di Patrick
    "Ensaymada had slightly toasted and melted cheese on top that was definitely the best part but the inner portions of the pastry were mostly dry. A more moist texture would've been perfect."
    Patrick UnsonPatrick Unson · Dicembre 11, 2020
    · Manila, Filippine
    "Garden Special (9 in.) was perfect for 2 people. Toppings were plenty especially the cheese, a basic yet essential part of pizza. Pizza arrived acceptably hot and we wiped the box clean in no time!"
    Patrick UnsonPatrick Unson · Dicembre 6, 2020
    · Makati City, Filippine
    "Our current favorite is the Coffee Jelly Jasmine Tea Latte. It's refreshing and a different experience, especially if you're use to pearls."
    Patrick UnsonPatrick Unson · Novembre 22, 2020
    Bubble Tea
    · Manila, Filippine
    "Their pub is humongous! I can imagine how lively this place could look at night but during our visit, mid-afternoon, it was very laidback, relaxing, and spacious. TVs were everywhere!"
    Patrick UnsonPatrick Unson · Luglio 30, 2018
    Pub ristorante
    · Makati City, Filippine
    "African Sunrise Tea's flavor was there but the latte's much better because I like my beverage to be creamy. At least it kept me warm beverage the branch was freezing cold downstairs."
    Patrick UnsonPatrick Unson · Marzo 14, 2018
    · Pasig, Filippine
    "Whopper Jr. still has that distinct grilled & beefy flavor that I always look for. Today's fries were not that super & could be fresher, but at least it wasn't that salty. Iced Tea's typically sweet."
    Patrick UnsonPatrick Unson · Marzo 13, 2018
    Fast food
    · Pasig, Filippine