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Kiwi Wang

Kiwi Wang

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  • New York
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Principali città di Kiwi
New York
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1 Lista creata · 27 Consigli
Miami Beach
1 Lista creata · 22 Consigli
2 Liste create · 20 Consigli
1 Lista creata · 11 Consigli
Bar Harbor
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5 Consigli
1 Lista creata · 4 Consigli
Mexico City
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Liste recenti di Kiwi
Kiwi Wang
20 posti aggiornati Gennaio 15, 2020
20 posti incluso Sarnies, Wat Maha That, Wat Arun Rajwararam, Teens of Thailand
Kiwi Wang
17 posti aggiornati Giugno 19, 2019
17 posti incluso Kronenhalle Bar, Kronenhalle, Hasta Ice Cream, Kunsthaus Zürich
Kiwi Wang
15 posti aggiornati Maggio 26, 2019
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Kiwi Wang
38 posti aggiornati Novembre 14, 2019
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Kiwi Wang
59 posti aggiornati Aprile 18, 2020
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Kiwi Wang
51 posti aggiornati Febbraio 25, 2019
51 posti incluso Museo Frida Kahlo, Dulce Patria, Museo Diego Rivera-Anahuacalli, Palacio de Bellas Artes
    Consigli recenti di Kiwi
    "Decor well thought out, super cute details. Disco fries were great but not for the faint of heart- an entire (hearty but delicious) meal on top of fries 😵 Fluffy pancakes 👏🏼 Sundaes underwhelmed."
    Kiwi WangKiwi Wang · Febbraio 23
    Tavola Calda
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "Expected the scene-iness but food was 🙌🏼. Lobster pumpkin soup and duck were fantastic, desserts were unexpected stars of the meal (and I’m not normally a fussy dessert person). Get the moon cake!"
    Kiwi WangKiwi Wang · Febbraio 23
    Neo americano
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "Casual spot popular with expats and younger crowd. The Gaeng Som (sour orange curry with shrimp and egg) is fantastic and the Pummelo salad is a consistent star."
    Kiwi WangKiwi Wang · Febbraio 23
    · บางรัก, Thailandia
    "Unexpected yumminess at this understated spot! Fried olives can be skipped, but two “everyone makes it, don’t order it” dishes were our surprise favorites- octopus and chicken. The sauces! 🤤🤤🤤"
    Kiwi WangKiwi Wang · Novembre 13, 2019
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "INCREDIBLE meal. Creative, deeply thoughtful, composed dishes. The foie and red shrimp were amazing, the arroz negro blew our minds though. It’s hard to impress a Chinese person with rice, but WOW. 🖤"
    Kiwi WangKiwi Wang · Novembre 13, 2019
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "Came randomly waiting for a friend- SUCH nice (& knowledgeable) service! Adorable older Asian bartender/server/host/probable owner. Casual little place but you can tell much care/love is put in 👍🏼💯"
    Kiwi WangKiwi Wang · Luglio 28, 2019
    Wine bar
    · New York, Stati Uniti