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青田七六 is one of 台北.

1. 青田七六

青田街七巷六號, 大安區, 臺北市
Bar Caffè · Dà'ān Qū · 11 consigli e recensioni
Melange Cafe is one of 台北.

2. Melange Cafe

(米朗琪咖啡館 Melange Cafe)
中山北路二段16巷23號, Taipei
Bar Caffè · Zhōngshān Qū · 46 consigli e recensioni
Smith & Hsu 現代茶館 is one of 台北.

3. Smith & Hsu 現代茶館

南京東路一段36號, Taipei
Sala da tè · Zhōngshān Qū · 11 consigli e recensioni
世界豆漿大王 is one of 台北.

4. 世界豆漿大王

林森北路310巷27號, 中山區, 臺北市
Posto per la colazione · Zhōngshān Qū · 6 consigli e recensioni
雙連高記水餃店 is one of 台北.

5. 雙連高記水餃店

台北市中山區民生西路15號, Taipei
Ristorante con specialità gnocchi asiatici · Zhōngshān Qū · 9 consigli e recensioni
圓山老崔蒸包 is one of 台北.

6. 圓山老崔蒸包

中山北路二段137巷33號, 中山區, 臺北市
Ristorante cinese · Zhōngshān Qū · 10 consigli e recensioni

Jag L.Jag Lau: Super yummy steam buns here!! :)

梁記嘉義雞肉飯 is one of 台北.

7. 梁記嘉義雞肉飯

松江路90巷19號, Taipei
Ristorante Taiwanese · Zhōngshān Qū · 27 consigli e recensioni

Johnny W.Johnny Wang: (5/5) Another place that serves up delicious chicken rice. Supposedly, they use Taiwanese turkeys, with tougher and more flavorful meat, which are shredded and served atop rice, chicken oil optional.

Fika Fika Cafe is one of 台北.

8. Fika Fika Cafe

伊通街33號1樓 (伊通公園旁), 中山區, 臺北市
Bar Caffè · Zhōngshān Qū · 74 consigli e recensioni

Travel + LeisureTravel + Leisure: On a quiet street in Zhongshan, minimalist Fika Fika specializes in single-origin Nordic-style brews and is a favorite among Taipei chefs.

史記正宗牛肉麵 is one of 台北.

9. 史記正宗牛肉麵

民生東路二段60號, Taipei
Noodle House · Zhōngshān Qū · 18 consigli e recensioni

Chris W.Chris Wong: This place has pretty good 牛肉麵, but not my favorite. More traditional style and the 清湯 is better than the 紅燒. What is standout at this restaurant is the pork trotter. I went for seconds!

The Deli is one of 台北.

10. The Deli

忠孝東路一段12號 (忠孝東路一段12號), Taipei
Panetteria · Zhōngzhèng Qū · 2 consigli e recensioni

9VSKA9VSKA: Visited briefly to check out the selection of cakes and pastries. Ended up taking home some of the best bread items I’ve ever took a bite out of! Will most certainly return on subsequent Taipei trips!

明福餐廳 is one of 台北.

11. 明福餐廳

中山北路二段137巷18號之1 (新興公園旁), Taipei
Ristorante Taiwanese · Zhōngshān Qū · 5 consigli e recensioni
山海樓 Mountain & Sea House is one of 台北.

12. 山海樓 Mountain & Sea House

Ristorante Taiwanese · Zhōngshān Qū · 16 consigli e recensioni
my灶 is one of 台北.

13. my灶

松江路100巷9-1號, Taipei
Ristorante Taiwanese · Zhōngshān Qū · 8 consigli e recensioni
Shin Yeh is one of 台北.

14. Shin Yeh

(欣葉 Shin Yeh)
雙城街34之1號, Taipei
Ristorante Taiwanese · Zhōngshān Qū · 21 consigli e recensioni
樂口福 Loco Food is one of 台北.

15. 樂口福 Loco Food

南京東路三段89巷5-4號, Taipei
Posto per la colazione · Zhōngshān Qū · 25 consigli e recensioni
Fu Hang Dou Jiang is one of 台北.

16. Fu Hang Dou Jiang

忠孝東路一段108號2F (紹興南街), Taipei
Luogo per una colazione Cinese · Zhōngzhèng Qū · 189 consigli e recensioni
鄭記豬腳飯 is one of 台北.

17. 鄭記豬腳飯

中正區延平南路22號, Taipei
Ristorante asiatico · Zhōngzhèng Qū · 6 consigli e recensioni

Wong L.Wong Li Ting: Everything is good here!