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JK Grence

JK Grence


I'm a cocktailian bartender and blogger living in the Phoenix area. Let me make you a Mai Tai some time.

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    Consigli recenti di JK
    "I feel like it’s more about the experience than the food proper, but it is a hell of a lot of fun. Hand rolls on the special order menu are better than I expected."
    JK GrenceJK Grence · 10 ore fa
    · Phoenix, Stati Uniti
    "Pretty good cinnamon roll. For the price, it should have been a great cinnamon roll. I guess if you’re in the market for a vegan cinnamon roll, knock yourself out. Me, I’ll stick to Cinnabon."
    JK GrenceJK Grence · Novembre 30, 2021
    · Gilbert, Stati Uniti
    "Killer ice cream with lots of inventive flavors. Grab a friend and share a flight. Or grab a bunch of friends and share multiple flights."
    JK GrenceJK Grence · Ottobre 24, 2021
    · Chandler, Stati Uniti
    "A machaca chimichanga with a side of enchilada sauce is essential Phoenix eating."
    JK GrenceJK Grence · Giugno 14, 2021
    · Phoenix, Stati Uniti
    "Yeah it’s expensive, but you support local artists, and the craftsmanship is a hell of a lot better than the chintzy shirts from the gift shop down the street. Treat yourself."
    JK GrenceJK Grence · Giugno 12, 2021
    · San Francisco, Stati Uniti
    "Better than Humphry Slocombe, if you ask me. The salted caramel is an utter knockout."
    JK GrenceJK Grence · Giugno 12, 2021
    · San Francisco, Stati Uniti