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Tom Boone

Tom Boone


I am a lover of: tech, innovation, travel, swimming, yoga, cooking, red wine and meeting interesting people.

Austin, TX
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Buenos Aires
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San Francisco
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Round Rock
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Tom Boone
7 posti aggiornati Giugno 26, 2014
7 posti incluso Happy Ending Cantina, The Office, Mama's Royal Cafe, Pedregal
Tom Boone
20 posti aggiornati Settembre 20, 2014
These restaurants serve real food and not processed and engineered food like products. All should make finding organic and non-GMO food easy. Please let me know if I've got any of them wrong.
Tom Boone
6 posti aggiornati Agosto 22, 2013
Businesses that provide flouride free water. Makes me wonder if it should be in our water at all. - http://www.fluoridefreeaustin.com/
Tom Boone
26 posti aggiornati Settembre 26, 2014
Call to verify times before you go! These things change but I've been to all of them at one time or another and most offer discounts on food and drinks. - Please feel free to add more, thanks!
Tom Boone
24 posti aggiornati Novembre 10, 2015
These places typically serve Brunch on Saturdays. Call first to double check!
Tom Boone
32 posti aggiornati Agosto 5, 2015
One of the coolest things about Texas is BYOB at quite a few places. Be sure to call first to double check but these places typically allow it for free or minimal charge.
    Consigli recenti di Tom
    "Pho chien phong!"
    Tom BooneTom Boone · Febbraio 12, 2018
    · Ba Đình, Vietnam
    "Little free library. Take a favorite or leave a favorite for others to enjoy. Don't forget to sign the guest book."
    Tom BooneTom Boone · Aprile 3, 2015
    · Austin, Stati Uniti
    "Free books!"
    Tom BooneTom Boone · Aprile 2, 2015
    · Austin, Stati Uniti
    "The Mister T on a cauliflower tortilla was great. Also, they put a lot of thought into the alcohol they serve so you might order a glass. Annabella was nice and jammy."
    Tom BooneTom Boone · Febbraio 20, 2015
    Bar Caffè
    · Austin, Stati Uniti
    "If you get there early enough, they serve up some great breakfast tacos from tacomex (off manor). 3.25 each."
    Tom BooneTom Boone · Febbraio 13, 2015
    · Austin, Stati Uniti
    "Really nice archery fields through the trees across the creek (east)."
    Tom BooneTom Boone · Ottobre 18, 2014
    Campo da calcio
    · Austin, Stati Uniti