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Em Kloos

Em Kloos


Theatrical electrician, tour mom, sapiosexual.

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San Francisco
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El Cerrito
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Saint Petersburg
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Costa Mesa
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Em Kloos
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Em Kloos
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    Consigli recenti di Em
    "$10 for a bottle of Especial, no chips and salsa like the other tables and we had to ask 3 different people to see a menu... must’ve been “Don’t serve the white people” day."
    Em KloosEm Kloos · Giugno 3, 2018
    · El Paso, Stati Uniti
    "Friendly service. Walk in appointments. Good massage and pedicure."
    Em KloosEm Kloos · Ottobre 16, 2016
    · Oklahoma City, Stati Uniti
    "Good service, good pork buns, quick but fresh food. It was a little warm inside, but the place has a good vibe for anyone and everyone. Both the spicy miso and pork belly ramen bowls were delicious."
    Em KloosEm Kloos · Ottobre 16, 2016
    · Oklahoma City, Stati Uniti
    "The Hakata Modern was delicious. Loved the broth. Quick and hot but not so hot you can't eat it. They said they'll serve sake in a few weeks."
    Em KloosEm Kloos · Febbraio 11, 2016
    · East Lansing, Stati Uniti
    "Shrimp po'boy is amazing. The shrimp and grits are a little different, but also delicious. They'll give you a sample if you're on the fence."
    Em KloosEm Kloos · Gennaio 27, 2016
    · Columbus, Stati Uniti
    "The venison burger with apples and Brie was amazing. The Cajun tots were good too. I can't wait to come back and try more of their burgers."
    Em KloosEm Kloos · Dicembre 22, 2015
    · Saint Petersburg, Stati Uniti