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Shelley Chen

Shelley Chen


Eat until you're sleepy, sleep until you're hungry.

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New York
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North Vancouver
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Los Angeles
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Shelley Chen
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    Consigli recenti di Shelley
    "I'm not a vegetarian, but their Portobello mushroom burger is so good!"
    Shelley ChenShelley Chen · Marzo 1, 2016
    Vegetariano / vegano
    · Vancouver, Canada
    "Not here for the debatable benefits of juicing, but the Play (watermelon, lime, basil, Himalayan rock salt) is a delicious treat!"
    Shelley ChenShelley Chen · Luglio 24, 2015
    Juice bar
    · Vancouver, Canada
    "A sister location to Congee Noddle House on Broadway, they opened with a limited menu including just the classics. Cantonese casual eatery, everything here is delicious!"
    Shelley ChenShelley Chen · Luglio 3, 2015
    · Vancouver, Canada
    "Very authentic local place for fresh seafood, pick-out-of-the-tank style! Seems to be a local favourite as they are always booked full in advance."
    Shelley ChenShelley Chen · Maggio 6, 2015
    · Shanghai, Cina
    "Can't say anything here was particularly outstanding. We were the only table that night and the waitress wasn't very attentive."
    Shelley ChenShelley Chen · Maggio 6, 2015
    · Huangpu, Cina
    "Super cute coffee shop decorated with sketches of vintage Mercedes."
    Shelley ChenShelley Chen · Maggio 6, 2015
    Bar Caffè
    · Huangpu, Cina