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★ Berlin
Five Elephant is one of ★ Berlin.

1. Five Elephant

Reichenberger Str. 101 (Glogauer Str.), Berlino, Berlino
Coffee-shop · Kreuzberg · 409 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Five Elephant is one of those places where everything is perfect. World-class coffee and incredible cakes in a beautiful space, its walls covered with vintage cartography, and superb staff in command.

Santa Maria is one of ★ Berlin.

2. Santa Maria

Oranienstr. 170, Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante messicano · Kreuzberg · 358 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: You’ll eat the Puerco Especial, and love it. You’ll come back and try something new — some tacos, juicy quesadillas de chorizo, delicious tostadas de bongos. But there’s nothing as good as the Puerco.

Markthalle Neun is one of ★ Berlin.

3. Markthalle Neun

Eisenbahnstr. 42 / 43, Berlino, Berlino
Area ristorazione · Kreuzberg · 462 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Berlin’s must-visit foodie heaven, Markthalle IX is a two-day-a-week market, with the infamous weekly Street Food Thursday gathering some of the best pop-up food joints in the city. Amazing.

Cocolo Ramen is one of ★ Berlin.

4. Cocolo Ramen

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40, Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante di ramen · Kreuzberg · 427 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Just saying: the Tonkotsu has tender, juicy, sweet and delicious pork belly in it, and egg — the other dishes don't.

Mogg is one of ★ Berlin.

5. Mogg

Auguststr. 11-13, Berlino, Berlino
Paninoteca · Mitte · 348 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Huge, delicious sandwiches, worth every cent.

Stagger Lee is one of ★ Berlin.

6. Stagger Lee

Nollendorfstr. 27, Berlino, Berlino
Cocktail bar · Schöneberg · 85 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Love this place. Fantastic drinks, nice and knowledgeable staff, decent sized menu, with great music and ambience. If you're unsure of what to drink, ask the staff — they'll treat you right.

Burgermeister is one of ★ Berlin.

7. Burgermeister

Oberbaumstr. 8, Berlino, Berlino
Locale per hamburger · Kreuzberg · 804 consigli e recensioni

Ralph d.Ralph del Valle: Tasty burgers at a great price. A cheap Must-Try.

Würgeengel is one of ★ Berlin.

8. Würgeengel

Dresdener Str. 122, Berlino, Berlino
Cocktail bar · Kreuzberg · 87 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Great no-nonsense cocktail bar, where skilled bartenders make classic cocktails to perfection. Besides, an interesting whiskey selection behind the bar. Always a good choice.

Modulor is one of ★ Berlin.

9. Modulor

Prinzenstr. 85 (Moritzplatz), Berlino, Berlino
Negozio d'arte e artigianato · Moritzplatz · 115 consigli e recensioni

Johann G.Johann Grimm: You're doomed. If you enter that place, leave all hope behind you, you'll spend thousands. But you'll get sparkles in your eyes and art supplies to the brim. Paradise.

Masaniello is one of ★ Berlin.

10. Masaniello

Hasenheide 20 (Jahnstr.), Berlino, Berlino
Pizzeria · Graefekiez · 205 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Oh wow. Masaniello is simply outstanding. Grab a table outside, and get one of the three delightfully simple Neapolitan pizzas. Finish it off with the Tiramisu in a jar.

Katie's Blue Cat is one of ★ Berlin.

11. Katie's Blue Cat

Friedelstr. 31, Berlino, Berlino
Coffee-shop · Reuterkiez · 209 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Fabulous selection of baked goods, what’s hard is choosing just one.

Schwarzes Café is one of ★ Berlin.

12. Schwarzes Café

Kantstr. 148, Berlino, Berlino
Bar Caffè · Charlottenburg · 249 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Discreetly hidden behind an unsuspicious façade, this place serves breakfast, coffee, dessert and cocktails 24/7. It’s not really a hard sell, is it? Fantastic.

Martins Place Kuchenmanufaktur is one of ★ Berlin.

13. Martins Place Kuchenmanufaktur

Pannierstr. 29, Berlino, Berlino
Pasticceria · Reuterkiez · 34 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Honestly, one of the greatest selections of cakes I’ve ever seen. It’s impossible to tell what’s the best. The place itself is tiny — most people take away, but there are a couple of tables. So great.

John Muir is one of ★ Berlin.

14. John Muir

Skalitzer Str. 51 (Görlitzer Str.), Berlino, Berlino
Cocktail bar · Wrangelkiez · 80 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Well-rounded small bar where everything is nicely considered. Good music, interesting beer selection, perfectly-sized list of cocktails done right, and great staff to boot. Not a bad word can be said.

Street Food Thursday is one of ★ Berlin.

15. Street Food Thursday

Eisenbahnstr. 42/43, Berlino, Berlino
Raduno di cibo di strada · Kreuzberg · 96 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Quite likely the best place to have food on a Thursday evening, this smorgasbord of both permanent and rotating food stalls is worth keep coming back to every time you can. Don’t miss it.

Big Stuff Smoked BBQ is one of ★ Berlin.

16. Big Stuff Smoked BBQ

Eisenbahnstr. 42/43, Berlino, Berlino
Locale per barbecue · Kreuzberg · 94 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Get anything. No, in fact, get one of everything. It’s that good. Meats are incredibly flavorful and juicy, sauces are nice and smokey. Also: cocktails. Plates not served on Street Food Thursdays.

Kaffee 9 is one of ★ Berlin.

17. Kaffee 9

Eisenbahnstr. 42, Berlino, Berlino
Coffee-shop · Kreuzberg · 50 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Ask the staff which coffees they're brewing with the V60 and AeroPress, and you might find yourself surprised with their unique selection, brought by friends all over the world.

Lokal is one of ★ Berlin.

18. Lokal

Linienstr. 160 (Kleine Hamburger Str.), Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante europeo moderno · Mitte · 179 consigli e recensioni

Kyle M.Kyle Meyer: Excellent service, amazing food. Don't miss the lamb or filet. Then do schnapps with the bartender.

Companion Coffee is one of ★ Berlin.

19. Companion Coffee

Oranienstr. 24, Berlino, Berlino
Coffee-shop · Kreuzberg · 100 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Lovingly simple coffee shop, sitting on an elevated corner inside the beautiful Voo Store, and serving the best coffee on Oranienstraße. The service is super friendly, and will make you a perfect cup.

The Barn - Roastery is one of ★ Berlin.

20. The Barn - Roastery

Schönhauser Allee 8, Berlino, Berlino
Coffee-shop · Kollwitzkiez · 286 consigli e recensioni

Johannes K.Johannes Kleske: Be warned: This is no ordinary café. This is a place to learn about and taste amazing coffee. The baristas here are zealous coffee nerds. So don't mind all the rules and just enjoy their passion.

W - Der Imbiss is one of ★ Berlin.

21. W - Der Imbiss

Kastanienallee 49 (Zionskirchstr.), Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante vegetariano / vegano · Mitte · 261 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Quick, affordable, delicious everything. The freshly baked naan is otherwordly, crispy but soft, and impossible to resist. Get the huge Tasters Menu, a great way to sample a lot of different treats.

Volta is one of ★ Berlin.

22. Volta

Brunnenstr. 73, Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante · Gesundbrunnen · 86 consigli e recensioni

Kilian M.Kilian McMahon: Wonderful staff, incredible food and a great vibe off the place. Can't recommend it enough.

Antipodes is one of ★ Berlin.

23. Antipodes

Fehrbelliner Str. 5, Berlino, Berlino
Coffee-shop · Prenzlauer Berg · 120 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Great little place, the breakfast options are great, and although eggs are very well done, the bacon is the true highlight, probably the best I’ve had in the city. Service is pretty fantastic, too.

Konak Izmir Köftecisi is one of ★ Berlin.

24. Konak Izmir Köftecisi

Reichenberger Str. 10, Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante turco · Moritzplatz · 59 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: This place is glorious. Fast, cheap, and delicious köfte, at any time of the day. Watch them making your sandwich, it’s a mechanical ritual practiced to perfection.

Good Friends is one of ★ Berlin.

25. Good Friends

Kantstr. 30 (Schlüterstr.), Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante cinese · Charlottenburg · 97 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: There’s no shame in ordering more than what seams reasonable. Go with an empty stomach and an open mind, and it’ll be just great.

westberlin is one of ★ Berlin.

26. westberlin

Friedrichstr. 215, Berlino, Berlino
Coffee-shop · Kreuzberg · 309 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: An oasis in the area. Great coffee and cakes in a nicely modern setting, and a big communal working table with sockets and fast wifi. Oh, and fantastic taste in both music selection and magazines. A+

Trödelmarkt Arkonaplatz is one of ★ Berlin.

27. Trödelmarkt Arkonaplatz

Arkonaplatz, Berlino, Berlino
Mercato delle pulci · Mitte · 34 consigli e recensioni

David N.David Noël: Lovely (and smaller compared to Mauerpark) neighborhoody flea market with a varied selection of vintage furniture, accessories, decor and vinyl records.

distrikt COFFEE is one of ★ Berlin.

28. distrikt COFFEE

Bergstr. 68, Berlino, Berlino
Coffee-shop · Mitte · 368 consigli e recensioni

Martin J.Martin Jordan: Great space, nice interior, excellent flat whites and other kind of coffee, very solid breakfast and friendly staff. Improving this kiez a lot. Great to hang out there on a rainy Sunday and read.

Shaniu's House of Noodles is one of ★ Berlin.

29. Shaniu's House of Noodles

Pariser Str. 58, Berlino, Berlino
Noodle House · Wilmersdorf · 152 consigli e recensioni

Scott S.Scott Soenen: Homemade noodles and xiao long bao! Great place.

Kaschk is one of ★ Berlin.

30. Kaschk

Linienstr. 40, Berlino, Berlino
Birreria · Mitte · 258 consigli e recensioni

Allison C.Allison Coleman: Always a great range of draught craft beer. If you can't decide, get one of the knowledgeable staff to make you up a testing board.

Tommi's Burger Joint is one of ★ Berlin.

31. Tommi's Burger Joint

Invalidenstr. 160, Berlino, Berlino
Locale per hamburger · Mitte · 293 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: No-bullshit menu, there's one (1) burger, to which you can add cheese, and a monthly burger. That's it, and they're delicious, with a perfectly cooked and seasoned, juicy party. A+

Buck & Breck is one of ★ Berlin.

32. Buck & Breck

Brunnenstr. 177 (Invalidenstr.), Berlino, Berlino
Cocktail bar · Mitte · 143 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: One of the greats.

Doyum Grillhaus is one of ★ Berlin.

33. Doyum Grillhaus

Admiralstr. 38, Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante turco · Moritzplatz · 66 consigli e recensioni

Alper Ç.Alper Çuğun: The best place around Kotti to sit down and eat Turkish food.

Bravo Bravko Kuchenwerkstatt is one of ★ Berlin.

34. Bravo Bravko Kuchenwerkstatt

Lausitzer Str. 47, Berlino, Berlino
Pasticceria · Kreuzberg · 49 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Picking just one is hard, with lots to choose from, and they’re outstanding, so get a bunch with friends and share. Space isn’t cozy at all, so not the place to hang out comfortably for a few hours.

Imbiss 204 is one of ★ Berlin.

35. Imbiss 204

Prenzlauer Allee 204, Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante tedesco · Kollwitzkiez · 75 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Just a couple of guys making a few hearty, delicious, and well-portioned German classics, and they sure know what they're doing. What's not to like?

Salt n Bone is one of ★ Berlin.

36. Salt n Bone

Schliemannstr. 31, Berlino, Berlino
Pub ristorante · Helmholtzkiez · 126 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Great beer, great food, great service. Awesome place.

Pizza Nostra is one of ★ Berlin.

37. Pizza Nostra

Lychener Str. 2 (Danziger Str.), Berlino, Berlino
Pizzeria · Helmholtzkiez · 53 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Easily my favorite by-the-slice pizza place in Berlin. Honest and friendly service, delicious pizza, not a bad word to say.

Bildband Berlin is one of ★ Berlin.

38. Bildband Berlin

Immanuelkirchstr. 33, Berlino, Berlino
Libreria · Kollwitzkiez · 3 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Easy to lose track of time browsing in this lovely art and photography bookstore. Look out for *hefty* discounts on books (which were on display at book fairs but are often in great condition).

Hokey Pokey is one of ★ Berlin.

39. Hokey Pokey

Stargarder Str. 72-73, Berlino, Berlino
Gelateria · Schönhauser Allee-Nord · 269 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: I know what you're thinking, so listen: there’s no such thing as “too many” scoops. Go to town.

Burgermeister is one of ★ Berlin.

40. Burgermeister

Skalitzer Str. 136 (Kottbusser Tor), Berlino, Berlino
Locale per hamburger · Kreuzberg · 209 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: No nonsense, no bullshit, no attitude. A damn fine burger for a great price. Get it.

Konak Izmir Köftecisi is one of ★ Berlin.

41. Konak Izmir Köftecisi

Reichenberger Str. 10, Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante turco · Moritzplatz · 59 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: I was once threatened with death in this place by a crazy man (and promptly defended by the staff), and I still come back every week. That’s how good it is. Not even joking.

Lecker Song is one of ★ Berlin.

42. Lecker Song

Schliemannstr. 19, Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante dim sum · Helmholtzkiez · 78 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Delicious dumplings in a welcoming and cozy place, as if you just walked into a family kitchen. Get anything and everything.

Angry Chicken is one of ★ Berlin.

43. Angry Chicken

Oranienstr. 16 (Mariannenstr.), Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante coreano · Kreuzberg · 112 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Get the wings and only the wings. Burger’s a surprise and definitely acceptable, but everything else is (very) subpar.

ORA is one of ★ Berlin.

44. ORA

Oranienplatz 14, Berlino, Berlino
Cocktail bar · Kreuzberg · 131 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: ORA is the high-quality place this area was so desperately lacking. Great all-around for any time of the day. But my highlight are the cocktails, ambiance, and decor (down to the choice of glassware).

Lon-Men’s Noodle House is one of ★ Berlin.

45. Lon-Men’s Noodle House

Kantstr. 33, Berlino, Berlino
Noodle House · Charlottenburg · 264 consigli e recensioni

Shane R.Shane Rhabarber: I reckon wonton in chili oil, crispy duck bun, small noodle soup and an oolong tea is one of the most satisfying meals you can have in all of Berlin.

Da Jia Le is one of ★ Berlin.

46. Da Jia Le

Goebenstr. 23, Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante Szechuan · Großgörschenstraße · 80 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Whatever you order — and everything is so delicious here — make sure you get their fantastic cucumber salad. A perfect dish.

Oslo Kaffebar is one of ★ Berlin.

47. Oslo Kaffebar

Eichendorffstr. 13 (Invalidenstr.), Berlino, Berlino
Coffee-shop · Mitte · 299 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Favorite coffee shop for working, on par with Westberlin. Proper wifi, plenty of sockets, great coffee, and the place always smells of their delicious baked goods. Always gets me in productive mode.

Rogacki is one of ★ Berlin.

48. Rogacki

Wilmersdorfer Str.145-146 (Spielhagenstr.), Berlino, Berlino
Negozio di primizie gastronomiche · Charlottenburg · 64 consigli e recensioni

Meg R.Meg Robertson: This is one of the most wonderful food markets/stores I have ever been to -- cozy up to the lunch counter and order some of their famous fish lunches. Everything here is delicious.

BEN RAHIM is one of ★ Berlin.


Sophienstr. 7, Berlino, Berlino
Coffee-shop · Mitte · 243 consigli e recensioni

D. E.D. E.: Tiny hidden coffee place in the Hackescher Höfe backyard. Incredibly nice owner, lovely little green tables outside.

Die Henne is one of ★ Berlin.

50. Die Henne

Leuschnerdamm 25 (Waldemarstr.), Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante tedesco · Kreuzberg · 82 consigli e recensioni

Donald B.Donald Burke: Probably my favorite place to eat. Lots of character. Amazing food and great beer. Outside in the summer or inside in the winter its always a good experience.

Zweistrom is one of ★ Berlin.

51. Zweistrom

Kollwitzstr. 104, Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante con specialità Falafel · Kollwitzkiez · 140 consigli e recensioni

Oliver D.Oliver Damian: Definitely the best falafel in Prenzlauer Berg, if not in whole Berlin. Very fresh, authentic, spicy and big variety of Arabic cuisine like Mutabel, Makali, hummus, couscous. Nice and fast service!

Redwood is one of ★ Berlin.

52. Redwood

Bergstr. 25, Berlino, Berlino
Cocktail bar · Mitte · 133 consigli e recensioni

David N.David Noël: Really really great bar. Drinks made with love and expertise. Friendly and helpful staff. Quiet. Smoke-free. Tip top.

LIMONADIER is one of ★ Berlin.


Nostitzstr. 12, Berlino, Berlino
Cocktail bar · Bergmannkiez · 88 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Fantastic drinks, but most importantly, the staff have *lots* of fun at work. Sit at the bar, watch them mix, and talk to them — they're great. Went twice the same night, and am totally coming back.

Lao Xiang is one of ★ Berlin.

54. Lao Xiang

Wichertstr. 43, Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante cinese · Prenzlauer Berg · 31 consigli e recensioni

Simon C.Simon Chan: Great Hunan province food. The dim sum is ok, but rest of the menu is nice and authentic.

Bekarei is one of ★ Berlin.

55. Bekarei

Dunckerstr. 23 (Stargarder Str.), Berlino, Berlino
Panetteria · Helmholtzkiez · 99 consigli e recensioni

Sissi C.Sissi Chen: Unbelievable delicious pastries, especially the portugese ones! Everything is homemade, you can't make a wrong choise, whatever you order!

Standard Pizza is one of ★ Berlin.

56. Standard Pizza

Templiner Str. 7, Berlino, Berlino
Pizzeria · Prenzlauer Berg · 165 consigli e recensioni

Sven E.Sven Ellingen: Absolutely love this place: Amazing Neapolitan pizza, spacious inside, plenty of outdoor seating, no thrills interior.

Arirang is one of ★ Berlin.

57. Arirang

Uhlandstr. 194, Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante coreano · Charlottenburg · 79 consigli e recensioni

Max O.Max Orgeldinger: Easily, but falsly overlooked. Very authentic with Korean starters included. Try the kimchi pancakes.

Banh Xeo Saigon is one of ★ Berlin.

58. Banh Xeo Saigon

Greifswalder Str. 41 (Pasteurstraße), Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante vietnamita · Greifswalder Straße-Süd · 57 consigli e recensioni

PauloPaulo: Flip through to the last pages in the menu for where the real gems are. Share an order of the homonymous dish to start the meal, and can’t go wrong with the Mì Quảng for a main.

Flamingo Fresh Food Bar is one of ★ Berlin.

59. Flamingo Fresh Food Bar

Neustädtische Kirchstr. 8 (Georgenstr.), Berlino, Berlino
Paninoteca · Dorotheenstadt · 108 consigli e recensioni
Father Carpenter is one of ★ Berlin.

60. Father Carpenter

Münzstr. 21 (1. Hof), Berlino, Berlino
Coffee-shop · Mitte · 433 consigli e recensioni

boschbosch: Find in a slightly hidden backyard: Great coffee roasted by Five Elephant from Berlin, amazing food, nice people. I love it. <3

House of Small Wonder is one of ★ Berlin.

61. House of Small Wonder

Johannisstr. 20a, Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante giapponese · Mitte · 206 consigli e recensioni

Honza U.Honza Ustohal: Great atmosphere, interesting mix of Japanese and TexMex cuisine, delicious amouse bouche!

Fischfabrik is one of ★ Berlin.

62. Fischfabrik

Danziger Str. 24 (Schliemannstr.), Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante di pesce · Kollwitzkiez · 85 consigli e recensioni

Igor S.Igor S.: Fantastic fish shop & restaurant. Fresh fish, friendly staff, classics on the menus and big portions for a very fair price. Downside: open kitchen, prepare to smell accordingly after.

Allan's Breakfast Club & Wine Bar is one of ★ Berlin.

63. Allan's Breakfast Club & Wine Bar

Rykestr. 13 (Wörtherstr.), Berlino, Berlino
Posto per la colazione · Kollwitzkiez · 125 consigli e recensioni

Honza U.Honza Ustohal: A fresh addition to the Prenzlauer Berg brunch scene! Cured salmon, delicious sourdough bread, avocado, the ABC taster plate has it all. Definitely a very pleasant brunch experience!

Takumi NINE is one of ★ Berlin.

64. Takumi NINE

Raumerstr. 1 (Pappelallee), Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante di ramen · Helmholtzkiez · 94 consigli e recensioni

Simon C.Simon Chan: Very good Sapporo Ramen. The place is small though, so at peak times you may have to wait a little, but it's worth it! 🍜

Zur Haxe is one of ★ Berlin.

65. Zur Haxe

Erich-Weinert-Str. 128 (Hosemannstr.), Berlino, Berlino
Ristorante tedesco · Greifswalder Straße-Nord · 48 consigli e recensioni

Patrick K.Patrick Kolts: Everything about this restaurant was amazing! The service was so great! All of the food was incredible! I mean, I'm loosing words.