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I thrive on trying new things, visiting exotic places & noshing on delicious foods. Constantly looking for dog friendly spots that my pups will like.

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New York
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San Francisco
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Port Washington
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Los Angeles
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Tel Aviv
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San Diego
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Paige C
15 posti aggiornati Maggio 2, 2022
Wine shops and specialty stores around the world that I love!
Paige C
23 posti aggiornati Agosto 11, 2021
Favorite places in Cyprus 🇨🇾
Paige C
67 posti aggiornati Agosto 11, 2021
My favorite places to visit in Israel 🇮🇱
Paige C
22 posti aggiornati Ottobre 31, 2021
Maui, Hawaii
Paige C
15 posti aggiornati Aprile 27, 2022
The North Fork of LI and all of it's beauty.
Paige C
18 posti aggiornati Aprile 27, 2022
Great markets and delis to grab everything you need for the perfect picnic or beach day!
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    "Food was really good (including sushi) however the service was a mess. They forgot some of our order, but told us the kitchen was very backed up. They still brought it at the same time as the check…"
    Paige CPaige C · 3 giorni fa
    Pub ristorante
    · Jersey City, Stati Uniti
    "Delicious hummus and shawarma. The Druze style of Israeli cooking is very unique. Their very thin (almost crepe-like) pita is addicting."
    Paige CPaige C · 4 giorni fa
    Medio oriente
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "Fresh, delicious sushi. Really loved the bottle of Sancerre we ordered as well. It paired so nicely with the fish."
    Paige CPaige C · 1 settimana fa
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "A wonderful new addition to the neighborhood. Delicious, crispy octopus. We also tried the pork meatballs and some dips. Really great wines too!"
    Paige CPaige C · 1 settimana fa
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "Really good orecchiette pasta."
    Paige CPaige C · 1 settimana fa
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "Delicious chicken lemon soup, hummus, pita and gyro. My favorite dish included the little lamb sliders! I will definitely be back."
    Paige CPaige C · 1 settimana fa
    · Hollis Hills, Stati Uniti