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Surface Magazine

Surface Magazine


The American magazine of global contemporary design.

New York, NY
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  • Berlin
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  • Rio de Janeiro
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  • New York
  • Sydney
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Principali città di Surface Magazine
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Rio de Janeiro
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New York
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Tel Aviv
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Buenos Aires
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Liste recenti di Surface Magazine
Surface Magazine
22 posti aggiornati Novembre 2, 2016
Since the wall came down, Berlin has been a magnet for a breed of artists more interested in partying than art. But in past years it has fostered a larger swathe of creatives.
Surface Magazine
25 posti aggiornati Ottobre 4, 2016
Sydney is a city where people surf before work and sip cocktails at the top of revolving buildings. The skyline is always changing, a mosaic of heritage sandstone landmarks.
Surface Magazine
18 posti aggiornati Agosto 2, 2016
As it enters the global spotlight, Brazil's party capital is showing off a more sophisticated edge.
Surface Magazine
12 posti aggiornati Giugno 14, 2016
These 12 drink recipes reimagine iconic technology companies as lavish speakeasy cocktails.
Surface Magazine
16 posti aggiornati Giugno 14, 2016
Israel's cosmopolitan city brings cultural heft to a land steeped in tradition.
Surface Magazine
20 posti aggiornati Maggio 17, 2016
In Japan's capital city, a reverence for tradition doesn't mute an enthusiasm for change.
    Consigli recenti di Surface Magazine
    "Mitte’s Boros Collection, in a 32,000-square-foot Nazi-era bunker, doubles as the home of Christian Boros, a collector of artists such as Olafur Eliasson and Alicja Kwade."
    Surface MagazineSurface Magazine · Novembre 2, 2016
    Galleria d'arte
    · Berlino, Germania
    "Bikini Berlin, a midcentury architectural landmark near the Berlin Zoo, was reinvented as a fashion-forward mall in 2015. It features several local brands such as the eyeglass designers Mykita."
    Surface MagazineSurface Magazine · Novembre 2, 2016
    Centro commerciale
    · Berlino, Germania
    "Look for everything from handcrafted gardening tools to old-school wooden toys to handmade soap from an obscure Italian monastery."
    Surface MagazineSurface Magazine · Novembre 2, 2016
    Arredamento / Casa
    · Charlottenburg, Germania
    "he most talented hat-maker in the city is hands down Rike Feurstein, whose chapeaus, sold at her Mitte atelier, have been worn by everyone from Rihanna to Reese Witherspoon."
    Surface MagazineSurface Magazine · Novembre 2, 2016
    · Berlino, Germania
    "New Tendency is one of the most interesting collectives around. Its chaste office doubles as a showroom and shop, which stocks the colorful, modular Cake table, a major hit in home décor circles."
    Surface MagazineSurface Magazine · Novembre 2, 2016
    Arredamento / Casa
    · Berlino, Germania
    "Still the style emporium of choice for successful artists and gallerists, the boutique features a beautifully selected mix of Dries Van Noten, Margiela, and Marni ready-to-wear."
    Surface MagazineSurface Magazine · Novembre 2, 2016
    · Berlino, Germania