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Culture in SPB
Loft Project Etagi is one of Culture in SPB.

1. Loft Project Etagi

(Лофт-проект «Этажи»)
Лиговский просп., 74, San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Spazio per eventi · Округ Лиговка-Ямская · 727 consigli e recensioni

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: Changing contemporary art and photography exhibitions in several floors, as well as other events. You can also find an interesting little shop here, as well as a cafe/bar/restaurant and a hostel.

Rosphoto is one of Culture in SPB.

2. Rosphoto

Большая Морская ул., 35, San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Museo d'arte · Адмиралтейский округ · 95 consigli e recensioni

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: Interesting Russian and foreign photography exhibitions, both from new and classic photographers.

Erarta is one of Culture in SPB.

3. Erarta

29-я линия В.О., 2 (пл. Собчака), San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Museo d'arte · Округ Гавань · 553 consigli e recensioni

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: A big contemporary art museum with changing exhibitions and sometimes gigs and other events.

Hermitage Museum is one of Culture in SPB.

4. Hermitage Museum

(Государственный Эрмитаж)
Дворцовая наб., 34 (Дворцовая пл.), San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Museo d'arte · Исторический центр · 1097 consigli e recensioni

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: The Russian Louvre.

Taiga Creative Space is one of Culture in SPB.

5. Taiga Creative Space

(Пространство «Тайга»)
Дворцовая наб., 20 (Мошков переулок), San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Galleria d'arte · Исторический центр · 59 consigli e recensioni

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: Place for experimental art and different kinds of art exhibitions and events. Also has a hostel.

New Holland is one of Culture in SPB.

6. New Holland

(Новая Голландия)
наб. Адмиралтейского канала (наб. реки Мойки), San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Isola · Адмиралтейский округ · 408 consigli e recensioni

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: The island was closed for renovation for a long time, but is now open with lots and lots of interesting events during summer.

7. The Kunstkamera

Университетская наб., 3, San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Musei di scienze · Округ № 7 · 212 consigli e recensioni

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: Famous for the collection of disformed fetuses by Peter the Great, but actually has a lot of other interesting anthropological and natural sciences stuff as well.

Alexandrinsky Theatre is one of Culture in SPB.

8. Alexandrinsky Theatre

(Александринский театр)
пл. Островского, 6, San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Teatro · Округ № 78 · 264 consigli e recensioni

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: So many interesting pieces and great actors I have seen in this theatre. Recommended especially if you know Russian!

Pushkinskaya 10 Art Centre is one of Culture in SPB.

9. Pushkinskaya 10 Art Centre

(Арт-центр «Пушкинская 10»)
Пушкинская ул., 10 (Вход с Лиговского пр. 53, под арку), San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Galleria d'arte · Владимирский округ · 46 consigli e recensioni

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: For some underground feel, check out the galleries of independent artists in this complex. You can also find a cafe and a couple of clubs with gigs.

Театр Европы (Малый Драматический) is one of Culture in SPB.

10. Театр Европы (Малый Драматический)

ул. Рубинштейна, 18, San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Teatro · Владимирский округ · 155 consigli e recensioni
Mikhailovsky Theatre is one of Culture in SPB.

11. Mikhailovsky Theatre

(Михайловский театр)
пл. Искусств, 1 (Инженерная ул.), San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Teatro · Дворцовый округ · 339 consigli e recensioni

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: Famous place for opera and other big performances. Visiting foreign groups often perform here.

Yusupov Palace is one of Culture in SPB.

12. Yusupov Palace

(Юсуповский дворец)
наб. р. Мойки, 94, San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Luogo · Адмиралтейский округ · 172 consigli e recensioni

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: One of the nicest and most interesting palaces in the centre of the city. Rasputin was murdered here.

Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall is one of Culture in SPB.

13. Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall

(Концертный зал Мариинского театра)
ул. Декабристов, 37, San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Sala concerti · Округ Коломна · 213 consigli e recensioni

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: Some of the performances of the Mariinsky Theatre are not at the theatre itself but in this concert hall a bit further down the street. So check the address!

Mariinsky Theatre is one of Culture in SPB.

14. Mariinsky Theatre

(Мариинский театр)
Театральная пл., 1 (ул. Глинки), San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Teatro d'Opera · Адмиралтейский округ · 517 consigli e recensioni

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: The best classical ballet ever! Somebody has said that in Mariinsky even the dancers fingertips are strictly controlled.

Russian Museum is one of Culture in SPB.

15. Russian Museum

(Русский музей)
Инженерная ул., 4, San Pietroburgo, Санкт-Петербург
Museo d'arte · Дворцовый округ · 344 consigli e recensioni

NeKiPiSHuiNeKiPiSHui: The museum to visit for a thorough introduction to Russian art.