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    "Stephen Starr's Japanese headliner, executed by celebrity-chef Makoto Okuwa, is one of the most popular restaurants in all of South Florida."
    Fodor's TravelFodor's Travel · Settembre 26, 2018
    · Bal Harbour, Stati Uniti
    "Don't have time to make a foodie pilgrimage to Lima, Peru? Not to worry; the next best thing beckons in downtown Miami."
    Fodor's TravelFodor's Travel · Settembre 26, 2018
    · Miami, Stati Uniti
    "Foodies and locavores love this eclectic, eco-minded restaurant in the heart of Wynwood."
    Fodor's TravelFodor's Travel · Settembre 26, 2018
    · Miami, Stati Uniti
    "An amazing eating experience that screams Japanese, Peruvian, and French all in the same breath, focusing largely on raw fish and seafood dishes."
    Fodor's TravelFodor's Travel · Settembre 26, 2018
    Bar terrazza
    · Miami Beach, Stati Uniti
    "In South Beach's decidedly new-money scene, the stately Joe's Stone Crab is an old-school testament to good food and good service."
    Fodor's TravelFodor's Travel · Settembre 26, 2018
    Frutti di mare
    · Miami Beach, Stati Uniti
    "The casual, friendly-yet-funky ambience is inviting for all diner matchups: old chums, new dates, family members young and old."
    Fodor's TravelFodor's Travel · Settembre 26, 2018
    · Miami, Stati Uniti