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Omer Kaplan

Omer Kaplan


Product manager at #ooVoo, teenagers digital culture specialist, badges and achievements addict and a x3 marathoner.

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  • Tel Aviv
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Tel Aviv
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Ramat HaSharon
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New York
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Giv‘at Shemu’él
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Rishon LeZion
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Ramat Gan
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Omer Kaplan
6 posti aggiornati Marzo 1, 2013
חשבתי לעשות רשימה גדולה של בתי קפה שנוח וטוב לעבוד בהם עם לפטופ. הקריטריונים: צריך להיות שקט, שולחנות מרווחים, שקעים (חובה) ובונוס מיוחד לאלה שיש להם מנות קטנות ליד הקפה שאידיאליות לתדלוק תוך כדי
Omer Kaplan
5 posti aggiornati Novembre 26, 2012
if you're in the mood for pizza, I have gathered the top pizza places in TLV and placed them in order.
Omer Kaplan
22 posti aggiornati
22 posti incluso Little Saigon, Linh's Bistro, Fox in the Snow, A Tavola
Omer Kaplan
63 posti aggiornati
63 posti incluso Countryside Park, Books & Co., Boston Stoker, Boston Stoker
    Consigli recenti di Omer
    "I was presently surprised by the cheese plate, looked basic but the cheese selection and crackers were good quality. "Chutney" was the Thai chili sauce you buy at Costco but I like it nonetheless 😅"
    Omer KaplanOmer Kaplan · Agosto 3, 2017
    Wine bar
    · Dayton, Stati Uniti
    "Over crowded, no nearly enough sockets, poor refreshments. No a single advantage over the terminal 😔😔😔"
    Omer KaplanOmer Kaplan · Maggio 11, 2014
    · Tel Aviv, Israele
    "Balkan style breakfast is good, avoid the over priced "sea breakfast". Coffee is 4.5/5."
    Omer KaplanOmer Kaplan · Aprile 21, 2014
    Bar Caffè
    · Tel Aviv, Israele
    "It's been a while since I met such a smiling and nice staff. The breakfast is average+. Pricy, but overall nice."
    Omer KaplanOmer Kaplan · Novembre 8, 2013
    Bar Caffè
    · רמת השרון, Israele
    "The air conditioning makes half the tables in the place vibrate. It's almost unnoticeable if you're just swinging by, but if you're sitting here with a laptop this could be really distracting."
    Omer KaplanOmer Kaplan · Settembre 12, 2013
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "Thing is, there are hardly any places to get coffee in mid-town so I shouldn't complain. The Coffee's is below average (Lorenzo brand) but the staff is really nice and friendly."
    Omer KaplanOmer Kaplan · Agosto 8, 2013
    · Israele